Xiaomi MI Note 3 Design, Hardware, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review (Flash SALE)


On September 11 at Xiaomi MI MIX 2 press conference, Xiaomi has also released Xiaomi MI Note 3, which is not very impressive, but it has same design as Xiaomi MI6, same grip feeling, and it uses Snapdragon 660 processor, it seems the glamour of MI Note 3 is covered by MI MIX 2. But today let’s check what other surprise  Xiaomi MI Note 3 will bring.

Xiaomi MI Note 3 (Left) vs Xiaomi MI6 (Right)


Xiaomi claims Xiaomi MI Note 3 is the larger screen version of Xiaomi MI6, when we have no much expectation about it, we find the only difference is Xiaomi MI6 mid-frame is polished, Xiaomi MI Note 3 metal mid-frame is matte, of course, the material is different, Xiaomi MI6 is stainless steel mid-frame, but Xiaomi MI Note 3 mid-frame is 7 series aluminum, we can not say which one is better, they have their own advantages.

Xiaomi MI Note 3 receiver still is located on the upper screen and right middle of the phone, it doesn’t like other manufacturers to use receiver on their large screen phones. So Xiaomi MI Note 3 doesn’t use the mainboard of MI6 directly.

It uses four curved glass body in symmetry, the back and metal mid-frame are sleek, we test this mi note 3 jet blue, compared with black color, the jet blue will be more magic, and it has larger screen but 5g lighter than MI6.


This time Xiaomi MI Note 3 is powered by Snapdragon 660 Octa core processor,  14nm process, 2.2GHz, although in performance it can not beat Snapdragon 835 processor, we still can not look down upon this MI note 3 in performance. So using speed will bring lower consumption. Xiaomi MI Note 3 comes with RAM 6GB, running MIUI 9 OS, it will solve the problem about the speed of switching apps.

Xiaomi MI Note 3 Antutu

According to Antutu of Xiaomi MI Note 3, it has got 109,677 points, which is quite satisfied, due to using Snapdragon 660 14nm process, compared with Snapdragon 653 performance, it improves about 20%, and it uses Adreno 512 GPU, improving about 30% in GPU speed, so in playing large games, Snapdragon 660 is good. Let’s test the game of ‘King of Glory’.

Whether in normal mode or team mode in playing this game, Xiaomi MI Note 3 frames keeps about 30FPS,  so after supporting high frame mode, it will have more excellent experience. But OPPO R11 also with Snapdragon 660 plays ‘King of Glory’ at high frame rate mode. We have no idea from Xiaomi official that MI Note 3 can play at high frame rate mode.

Thanks to low power consumption of Snapdragon 660, Xiaomi MI Note 3 will not consume a lot when playing King of Glory, in 20 minutes one round, it consumes about 6%, built in 3,500mAh battery, even you play it under heavy use, it can play one day. And its heat issue is not serious, but when charging to play it, it will have light heat issue.


This time Xiaomi MI Note 3 adopts same module as MI6, it has 12MP main camera, 27mm equivalent focal length, supporting four axis OIS, F/1.8 aperture, the second camera is 12MP long zooming lens, 52mm equivalent focal length, f/2.6 aperture. It has 16MP front camera, not only bring better analysis ability, under dim light to take photos, it can improve dark part analysis ability by pixel combination, meanwhile, it can also choose image size, 16:9 or 4:3.



Xiaomi MI Note 3 Indoor sample (4:3)

Xiaomi MI Note 3 Outdoor samples (4:3)

Xiaomi MI Note 3 Night Sample

The main back camera has adopted same solution as that of MI6, even better than MI6, after Xiaomi engineer timing and algorithm upgrading, the background blurring is more natural, whether in white balance or depth of field. Under portrait mode, the overall blurring experience is quite good, the edge transition is also very natural, gradual mode blurring process method can restore the object original design. Let’s see its samples.

Xiaomi MI Note 3 adds AI selfie-taking beautification OS, by learning how to make up, it has different beautification ways. And it has also added beautification male mode.


Because Xiaomi MI Note 3 has larger screen than MI6, and it has 3500mAh battery with power saving mode, it can charge once per day. In charging, MI Note 3 adopts 9V/2A 18W power rate, in general, it can be charged full in one and half and hour. By the way, it supports Face ID.


Compared with Xiaomi mi note 2, Xiaomi MI Note 3 has different market position, since Xiaomi MI MIX series became the flagship, although Xiaomi MI Note 3 chooses Snapdragon 660 processor, it still has excellent design, craftsmanship, face ID, good camera, etc, so if you want larger screen, MI Note 3 will be better choice. Right now Xiaomi MI Note 3 is in flash sale from Gearbest at $549.99.




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