Xiaomi MI Note 3 with OLED Curved Screen Will Be Expected to Come Out in September


Yesterday Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi MI6 smartphone which has met needs for some users, but others will not be very satisfied with it, because it doesn’t bring some black technology or innovation, anyway, the price and specs of Xiaomi MI6 are quite reasonable. But maybe some are expecting the large screen smartphone of Xiaomi, like upcoming model, Xiaomi MI Note 3.

According to product line @Leng Xi Dev on Weibo, Xiaomi MI Note 3 will come with OLED screen, and it will be released in the third quarter of this year, namely, after September. In addition, currently OLED screen is lack of stock, Xiaomi MI Note 3 will adopt Samsung and LG screen separately to relieve the pressure.

It is not the first time that LG offers screen to Xiaomi, some of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 uses LG OLED screen, but due to not high yield of LG screen, OLED screen has not been in mass production.

Currently, Samsung controls OLED pannel over 95%, and it will be also exclusive suppler for Iphone 8 OLED screen, it is said Samsung OLED screen costs about 100usd, but with improvement of LG sixth OLED screen, it will be possible to become supplier for Apple, too, after all LG offers LCD screen for Iphone before, but in OLED screen, it has no as big advantage as Samsung.

Anyway, Xiaomi MI Note 3 will use OLED curved screen, powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core 2.45GHz processor, selling within 3,000 yuan, $500, so will you choose Xiaomi MI6 or wait for Xiaomi MI Note 3?


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