Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5 inch Pro Version with Intel Core m3-Y730 Releases at 3,599 yuan, $599


Last July, Xiaomi has officially released its first notebook, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5 and MI Notebook Air 13.3 inch, the former aims at battery life for office work, the latter is for ultra thin design and higher performance. After released in three months, it has sold up to 2.2 million units, and made the top 1 sale in Chinese single’s day last year.

After Xiaomi MI Notebook Air Prime version has upgraded from Skylake Intel i5 6200U processor to Intel Core i7-6500U, now MI Notebook Air 12.5 Inch version has also been upgraded from Intel Core M3-Y630 to Intel Core M3-Y730 processor, which has improved its computer performance up to 12%, built in HD Graphics 615 GPU.

As for other specs, the new version has no change such as 12.5 inch 1080P screen, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB, 256GB SSD internal storage, supporting Hard disk expansion. The battery has 37W/Hour, 36.48W/hour to support 1C quick charge, which can be charged half power in 30 minutes, as for battery life, it can play 9.5 hour online video playing, 7.5 hour video playing from your PC, and 7.5 hour Web browsing.

Today Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5 Pro has started to presell at 3,599 yuan($599)for 128GB version and 3,999 yuan (666)for 256GB version. Are you ready to catch one?


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