Xiaomi MI NoteBook Air 13 Intel Core I7-8550U Review: A New Version With Hardware Improvements


For today’s appointment we will enjoy an old acquaintance who is quite popular and in fact, is our main benefactor, Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer that has literally conquered the market of his country in many aspects, becoming the ideal option when it comes to technology and to justify the above said we have the perfect exponent, a laptop that not only brings beauty but also power and performance,the Xiaomi MI NoteBook Air 13 Intel Core I7-8550U   is undoubtedly the companion of dreams when it comes to work and entertainment.

But it’s all is not everything, since we can improve the bet and this is thanks to the fact that this jewel comes to us in an incredible offer together with Geekbuying and in its renewed version with Intel Core i7-8550U CPU of 8th generation, that is why we invite you to stay during this section and know everything you have to offer us.

The Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 has a minimalist design that highlights its style without saturating its image with ornaments, maintaining the standard seal that so characterizes Xiaomi. This Laptop is made of metal, a material that provides greater resistance against shock falls and scratches, although we should not overdo it because we are not dealing with a device. We must mention that it enhances an air of unparalleled elegance, being perfect to combine in any environment, be it work or casual with friends. This device has softly rounded edges that will be very pleasant to the touch in simple and light while more stylish dark gray color 

Xiaomi notebook Air 13 slim 5.59mm border mirror screen with a full match process, with terribly low reflectivity. the center of the black border, “MI” logo, is currently also an excellent brand belonging to the look of the place. The new Xiaomi notebook Air 13’s C-plane uses the same deep-gray color as A-side, black keyboard with white backlight and touchpad integrated into the fingerprint recognition module, and implements the overall easy vogue in the end.

The new Xiaomi laptop Air 13, the body D-side design followed the simplicity of the first generation of products, 5 rubber feet, a row of cooling air inlet hole around the bottom 2 AKG custom speakers and the bottom of the center of the “Mi” logo, is D surface of all the elements.

Configuration upgrade additionally optimizes the interior structure of the Xiaomi notebook Air 13, the thickness and weight of the body still maintained 14.8mm, 1.3kg of light and moveable. In general, equipped with Intel 8th-generation and four-core processor core Xiaomi new notebook Air 13, additionally to the looks of the dark gray color outside, and the previous generation of products and no other variations.

High-quality shiny screen and AKG speakers to bring the ultimate audio-visual

The narrow-frame IPS Full HD screen, that accounts for up to 80.1% of the screen, is the key to Xiaomi’s notebook Air 13 gaining traction in the mainstream skinny and lightbox. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 comes with a 13.3-inch IPS capacitive screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, in other words, we will enjoy Full HD 1080P quality and it uses Corning gorilla glass 3rd-generation panels up to 7H with glorious light transmission and abrasion resistance.

With the Spyder 5 Elite on the screen color gamut test, the result is 95% sRGB, 71% NTSC, 74 AdobeRGB, the results in this section of the product is superb.

Xiaomi notebook Air 13 to a high-quality screen as the excellent image presentation, with advanced custom AKG speaker module, brings Dolby surround sound, permitting users the ultimate immersive audio-visual expertise. The author’s headphones K314P, K420, K430, K612 pro are all AKG, full of goodwill to this from the Austrian audio cafe.

Backlight keyboard with practical and expansion of the interface

Dark grey Xiaomi notebook Air 13, the keyboard is also replaced by a more attractive black. personally suppose that silver-white keyboard in the visual impact is simply too easy, black keyboard to better bring out the texture of the metal body.

However also with the white backlight can also form a higher price with the color. The key process remains a 1.3mm keyboard, trigger strength, feedback feel excellent.

Like the Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 fingerprint version, Its fingerprint identification module is located on the upper right of the touchpad with the form of a bar.

The provider is ELAN. This push-type fingerprint recognition module has high sensitivity, user finger gently on it to complete the recognition.

The body interface of the new Xiaomi notebook Air 13 consists of 2 Type-A USB 3.1, one HDMI 1.4, one combo 3.5mm audio port.

It has also a full-featured USB Type-C. Among them, the full-featured USB Type-C combines quick charge of 50 for 30 minutes, fastest data transfer and 4K 60Hz video output capability, and is extremely practical.

8ht generations of quad-core processors and discrete graphics powerful performance

Intel eighth-generation Core series processors, compared to the previous generation of products in the core range of the increase makes the performance output also enhanced by 40%.

The new Xiaomi notebook Air 13 equipped with i7-8550U, CineBench R15 in the test session created single-threaded 166cb, 555cb multithreading smart results for notebook users multitasking operation provides a strong foundation for performance.

The new Xiaomi notebook Air 13 equipped with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card, DMark in the Cloud Gate 1.1 test session, made a total score of 13337, 18995 card score excellent results. phase 30% quite the previous generation’s total score, superior eight-core quad-core processor contributed.

The Samsung PM961 PCIe channel solid state drive is a lot of flagship skinny and lightweight notebook models utilized by the product, the new Xiaomi notebook Air 13 will use it extremely full of sincerity. Of course, Xiaomi products never lack sincerity. read speed of 1902.29MB / s, write speed of 1176.34MB / s, performance test outstanding.

Finally, being a high-end device has a performance that will inevitably heat both the processor and the graphics card, although Xiaomi already anticipated the latter, equipping the Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 with a powerful cooling system that is even up to 63% more efficient than fan coolers made of plastic,

becoming the perfect addition for us and 37% increase in heat pipe size to bring out the heat inside the body and provide a solid guarantee for the stable operation of the platform.The new Xiaomi laptop Air 13 has reserved an M.2 interface (SATA III channel) hard disk capacity expansion for the user.

System high-pressure test session, the new Xiaomi notebook Air 13 most temperature of solely 50.3 ℃, excellent thermal performance.

New Xiaomi laptop Air 13 40-watt 2-string two and four-cell lithium battery, the system volume 20%, screen brightness 60 minutes of the settings on-line play high-definition video, totally charged one hour after the remaining power 86%.

Therefore, the new Xiaomi laptop Air 13’s online video playback life is regarding 8 hours, the daily (WeChat, office software) up to 10 hours of use.

New Xiaomi notebook Air 13, once again enhance the powerful balance of performance provides it a higher value equipped with the Intel 8th generation Core Duo processor series. The new deep space grey color can highlight the extraordinary texture of the metal body to a large extent, the interior sophisticated metal blade cooling system for superior output to produce a stable and lasting protection. High-quality screen, custom AKG speakers and full-featured USB Type-C interface, the new Xiaomi MI NoteBook Air 13 Intel Core I7-8550U  will bring users a high-quality experience.  But you can use coupon code: GBTPC  to grab it at $914.21.

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