Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 15.6 Will Be Released with Xiaomi MI MIX 2 on Sept. 11


Today there is insider who leaks on September 11, Xiaomi will release its new notebook, it may have 15.6 inch aiming at high performance.

Later on, we check the China 3C Quality Certification center to find that Tian MI Technology, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air company has one new notebook who got 3C approval on August 23. The model is 1715xx-x , 3C certification shows X stands for 0-9 digital number, a-z and A-Z , blank or any character mean the  phase of production, sale price, preinstalling software version, hard disk storage capacity, storage quantity and capacity, its design color, sales customers and different market, not affecting safe and electromagnetism compatibility performance.

It means new Xiaomi mi notebook air will have many specs version available, but we need to confirm it will be 15.6 inch. This Xiaomi notebook comes with 20V/2.25A or 20V/3.25V power adapter, in theory, it can supply power max to 45W or 65W.

Considering it is a high-end game laptop that will be equipped with 80W or even higher power adapter, So Xiaomi mi notebook may not aim at games playing, but it will have one good advantage, at least it will not have heat issue. In addition, 3C certification data shows new Xiaomi MI Notebook air 15.6 supports 4G TDD network. We speculate it will use i7-8650U, i7-8550U, i5-8350U and i5-8250U. Because according to Intel saying, its performance will improve 40% compared with previous processor, and notebook with U series can have less than 19mm thickness, its battery life can be up to 10 hours. It may use GeForce MX150 processor similar to Xiaomi MI Notebook air 13.3.

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