Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 2 First Unveiled to Use NVIDIA MX150 Laptop Graphics Cards


By the end of May, NVIDIA has released GeForce MX150 laptop Graphics Cards to replace common GeForce 940MX, we speculate Xiaomi will also use this kind of graphics cards. That’s true, according to latest news, Xiaomi will release Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 2 with 13.3 inch, aiming at light and thin design, the biggest change is that Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 2 will use NVIDIA MX150, 2GB Video memory.

Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3

Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 2


Earlier today, there are netizens to find Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 2 has been listed on JD mall, in general, its design doesn’t change a lot. According to comparison, the top right of Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 2 has changed to add fingerprint scanner module. As for specs, it is powered by Intel 7th Core i5-7200U processor, RAM 8GB DDR4 2133 and 256GB SSD, the graphics cards has upgraded to NVIDIA GeForce MX150.

According to previous news, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 2 Core I5/8GB/128GB sells at 4,999 yuan, $833, i5/8GB/256GB at 5,499 yuan, $916, it will start to preorder on June 12. As you know, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 standard version sells at least 4,999 yuan, $833, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 Ultimate Edition sells up to 5,999 yuan,$999, so the second generation of MI Notebook Air 13.3 has better price, and the processor will upgrade to 7th generation, but the RAM and SSD haven’t enlarged.

GeForce MX150 is the mobile version of GeForce GT 1030, based on 16nm Pascal bit GP108 core, it should have 384 Stream Processing Units, 16 ROP units, equipped with 64bit 2GB GDDR5 video memory. According NVIDA official, its performance has been improved 30% than 940MX, 263% higher than 7th-Gen i5-7600U, which can play popular network games without issue. It is said that the ultrabook released in the next half year will change to graphics card.

Therefore, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 2 will add upgraded graphics card and fingerprint scanner, will you have a try?


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