Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 2 with Magnesium Lithium Alloy Ultra-Thin Design First Unveiled


According to Taiwan media, Wang Jiping,  IDC assistant Vice CEO claims that Xiaomi started to sell the first generation of Xiaomi MI Notebook in July, 2016, due to cost effectiveness and good sales, it has won the great popularity among mi fans. Right now according to latest news, Xiaomi is preparing the second generation of Xiaomi MI Notebook Air, and it will start to produce in April this year officially.

Compared with the first generation of Xiaomi MI Notebook Air, from supplying chain news, Xiaomi will use ultra-light Magnesium Lithium Alloy material for its shell. It’s said Magnesium Lithium Alloy is the lightest metal material in the world. It only is the quarter of aluminum alloy under the same volume weight with good thermal conductivity, electricity conductivity, ductility, and it is widely used in the aerospace, national defense and other fields. Xiaomi will use this kind of material to make the notebook lighter and thinner in the near future with more portability.

The first generation of Xiaomi MI Notebook Air is produced by Inventec, the second generation of MI Notebook air will be supplied by Su Zhou KASATANI MASAHIRO Sophisticated mechanical and electricity transferred by Thai Science and technology company with high cost-effectiveness. According to this kind of speed, Xiaomi will release Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 2 in July possibly.


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