Xiaomi MI Notebook Design, Specs First Exposed


It’s said Xiaomi mi notebook will come out on July 27, and according to Benchlif from Taiwan media has first exposed Xiaomi mi notebook screen size, and specs. It’s reported that Xiaomi notebook will offer 11inch, 13inch two versions.

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Today a netizen exposes a production line of Xiaomi mi notebook from Taiwan. Xiaomi mi notebook 12.5inch will have FHD screen, and it doesn’t support touch screen. It’s said it will use waterdrop design like MacBook Air which takes different road as Huawei Matebook.


As for its specs, Xiaomi Mi notebook will be powered by Intel Skylake-U series processor, the advanced version uses Core i7-6500U dual core 2.5-3.1GHz/HD 520/TDP 15W, RAM 8GB, Windows 10 OS. The power adapter will use like USB Type C of Huawei Matebook. And maximum power rate will be 65W(20V/3.25A).



In addition, there are two Xiaomi mi notebook patents exposed. One is smart power adapter, the other is the cooling processing method and installation. It’s said Xiaomi mi notebook will come out with limited stock, so snapping up will occur. Currently, we have no idea about Xiaomi mi notebook price. But it will make a big impact on the notebook market.


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