Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro Design, CPU, Game, Battery Review (Coupon Included)


On September 11, 2017,  Xiaomi releases Xiaomi MI MIX 2, MI Note 3, and Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro. After one year waiting, Xiaomi mi notebook pro has been finally released. So how will it be? Today we will make a detailed review about it.


Today we test Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro i7-8550U+16GB version, but this three notebooks have no difference in design, only in specs. When we see Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro, it is the larger version of Xiaomi MI Notebook Air, still adopting all metal body. It has 360.7mm*243.6mm*15.9mm dimensions, 15.6 inch, but 1.95KG weight.

Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro adopts 15.6 inch 1080P wide view angle screen, up to 6.52mm thinness, and 81.5% screen to body ratio, up to 72% NTSC color gamut, compared with Xiaomi MI notebook air, it looks better.

It has full inch keyboard, and ultra-large touch panel. The traditional notebook needs FN key to adjust brightness, but Xiaomi mi notebook pro can press FN+ESC key to lock FN key, like Macbook.  We need to know that when you launch one-key to operate, by the way, more review from igeekphone. Windows own combination keys will not take effect, for example, when you launch FN lock, Alt+F4 turn off the window will not be used.

Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro touch panel and Notebook air will have similar glass material, integrated pressed fingerprint scanner module, up to 6 inch.

In fact, we are satisfied with this touch panel, very responsive, controlling larger zone. This time Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro has 7 interfaces.


I7-8550U/I7-7500U/I-8250U/I5-7200U Specs comparison

Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro is powered by Intel i7-8550U/i5-8250U processor, compared with Intel 7th processor, the performance has been improved up to 40%.


Let’s test its CineBench, CPU-Z and 3DMark software to know its performance more clearly.


CPU-Z score

First, it is about CPU-Z score, i7-8550U score is half over i7-7500U, even its multi-core performance is a little over i7-7700HQ. In CineBench, it has also shown similar result, i7-8550U single core score is highest, 4GHz frequency effect is better.

In multi-core, i7-8550U score (Blue color) improves 44% than i7-7500U (Green color) .

GPU Score

Xiaomi mi notebook Pro is powered by MX150, which is the upgraded alternative of GeForce 940MX chip. In order to let you know the level of MX150, we compared with 25W MX150 HP66 besides GeForce 940MX.

3D Mark test score

From 3DMark, two MX150 notebooks have similar performance, no big gap, compared with 940MX, Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro score is twice powerful.

Real Test

After testing its score, we have tested it about daily use including Internet searching, office work, 4K video decoding, and games like LOL,Tomb Raider and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

First, Office work, whether typing the words, switching, or other common use, Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro is very fluent, its CPU loading rate is below 5%, keeping 2%, and internal storage occupied never over 30%, which can meet the needs to play office work.

Second, Entertainment for media,  we choose a 4K 60FPS video to play, there is no any pressure.

Third, Games test,  LOL,Tomb Raider and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. It can play at 30FPS, which is quite fast and stable.

Battery life

We test two hours about its battery, first, open 10 pages at the same time, second, watch video online, third, process the file, open 10 files at the same  time, fourth, play LOL game. Each item takes half an hour, from 100% power, it has 61% rest power, check following image about it.

Playing games consumes most power, consuming 20% power in half hour, in daily use, consuming very less, less than 8% in average. It can meet the needs to do office work for five or six hours.


In order to let you know the efficiency of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro charging, we adjust the power to 1% under sleep mode automatically to see the real effect.

We can see Xiaomi mi notebook pro charging speed is very fast, it can charge 75% in one hour. In 80th minutes, the charging speed slows down.

Heat control

Limited from very thin thickness, and thermal conductivity of full metal body, the keyboard WASD zone temperature will also have about 38 degrees, but only under full loading to run. Under daily use, it will not be so high.

Power Consumption

Under running the game ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’, the power consumption is under 60W, quite saving.


Still running  the game ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’, under 50dB, the FAN volume is about 59dB.


Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro is a better and higher performance notebook with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU, Intel Core i5-8250U Quad Core 1.6GHz, up to 3.4GHz,  8GB DDR4 RAM ,256GB SSD Storage Capacity etc. It has very good performance, which can let you enjoy large games with other pressure. Right now you can use coupon code: MIBOOKPRO to enjoy it at 979.99usd.

Update on May 29, 2018

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