Xiaomi MI Pad 3/3 Pro Have Their Own Best Selling Points


Xiaomi MI6 as one of the most important flagship smartphone for Xiaomi at the beginning of 2017, recently have enjoyed hot topics among Chinese smartphones. But when we are expecting Xiaomi MI6 high-end smartphone, there is big news about Xiaomi MI Pad 3/ MI Pad 3 Pro which are supposed to come out together with Xiaomi MI6. And we have also introduced the specs of MI Pad 3/Pro before. Right now there is a Xiaomi MI Pad 3 back cover photo leaked, which claims they will have different colors on their back cover.

It is said that Xiaomi MI Pad 3 will have two screen size, 7.9 inch and 9.7 inch for Xiaomi mi pad 3 pro. The former is powered by MT8176 processor with 2.1GHz A72x2+1.7GHz A53x4, running Android 7.0 OS, offering RAM 4GB+ROM 64GB/128GB two versions internal storage, selling at 1,299 yuan ($216), 1,599 yuan ($266).

Xiaomi MI Pad 3 is powered by Intel Atom x7 Z8750 2.56GHz Quad core processor, supporting RAM 8GB LPDDR3-1600, HD Graphics, it also has RAM 4GB+ROM 64GB/128GB, running Windows 10 OS, selling at 1,699 yuan ($283), and 1,999 yuan, ($333).

Therefore, are you satisfied with this kind of Xiaomi MI Pad 3 and MI Pad 3 Pro? Do you have other idea about their specs, design, price or more? Please don’t forget to share with us.

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