Xiaomi MI Pad 4 is Under Research and Development Confirmed by Lei Jun


Until now, although tablet pc market still exists, but compared with iPad 1 announcement, current market is not as hot as previous one, so many manufacturers have given up its Tablet pc category, such as Xiaomi MI Pad, recently we find Xiaomi official website has listed Xiaomi MI Pad 3 off and its official site doesn’t have Tablet category, some media analyzes that Xiaomi will remove Tablet PC category.

But Lei Jun claims in Weibo that Xiaomi mi pad 4 is under research and development, so what suggestions do you have?  He has responded Media’s speculation. Tablet is not hot innovative product category any more, by now, besides Apple iPad series, Tablet market almost dies.

Although Currently Xiaomi has released three generation of mi pad, the sales are not idea, some media say Xiaomi mi pad and mi pad 2 have only got about 800,000 units in total, compared with Xiaomi phone, almost big gap. And in April, Xiaomi mi pad 3 has been released without an official press conference to sell online suddenly. We can see Xiaomi mi pad status has been decreased.

Facing with decreasing tablet market, many manufacturers are adjusting their product strategy, product high-end level, selling for business users has become main tendency, even Apple ipad has expanded its size with stylus pen to bring better office work experience.

But Xiaomi mi pad still uses small size, high cost effectiveness, selling for common users, but smartphone has larger size, many functions have been optimized, especially Xiaomi mi max 2 with 6.44 inch ,compared with 7.9 inch MI Pad, mi max 2 can win in portability.

In addition Xiaomi mi pad has some issues, such as it runs MIUI OS, compared with iPad, Xiaomi mi pad 4:3 size has big gap in operation and experience of apps. It is more worse that apps compatible with MI Pad are too few, which can not meet daily needs.

In all, although Lei Jun has replied Xiaomi continues to produce Xiaomi mi pad 4, we hope Xiaomi mi pad will make some innovation, or exist to its market for users.

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