Xiaomi Mi Platen Washing Machine Officially Announced at $249


Today Xiaomi has announced the other gadget in its smart home, Xiaomi Mi Platen Washing Machine at 1499 yuan, $249. This will be also the new practical product for most users. This washing machine is developed by Xiaomi and  Xiaomi Ji technology, focusing on compact and mute design, it has 2.8kg capacity, drum design and it has locking function, 2 levels of energy efficiency.


This Xiaomi Mi Platen Washing Machine has 630mmx500x415mm dimension,  34kg. It adopts south Korean Amotec DD frequency conversion motor, which is12DB quieter than the current washing machines. And it uses German suspa shock absorber, which also uses the same supplier as Mercedes e-class.


Besides washing clothes, it can offer ‘high temperature boiling wash” function,  temperature can reach 95 ℃,effectively killing bacteria, escherichia coli,antibacterial rate was 99.99%, staphylococcus aureus yellow as test,


As a smart home product, Xiaomi Mi Platen Washing Machine can connect xiaomi App to support up to 14 washing modes. It will start crowdfunding tomorrow.


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