Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer Review: AR ZINK Non-ink Mini Picture Printer For Just $64.99 at Banggood (47 Pcs Limited)


Xiaomi does not stop, and this year it is one news after another. The latest is the new pocket printer called Mi Pocket Photo Printer. This is an even more compact version of the previous Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer. The printer is definitely one of the smallest and most portables of its kind and offers a minimalist design.

Buy XIAOMI Mi Pocket Photo Printer at $64.99


The Mi Pocket Photo Printer body is made of flame retardant ABS / PC material, resembling a power bank in appearance and size. The weight of the printer stopped at a very pleasant 181 grams, which is similar to the value of today’s smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer is a printer with ultra-compact dimensions made of ABS and PC material resistant to shocks and flames. On the device, we find only three buttons, for a more minimal and elegant style, while in one of the sides we find the slider to insert the paper for printing with a simple movement.


The Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer can print three-inch diagonal photos and uses ZINK Inkless Printing Tech technology. In addition, printed photos support AR (augmented reality) technology with video, photos, and music. The portable printer is capable of producing 3 photos. It uses ZINK printing technology and the photo papers themselves will be sold in the right size in various packages along with the crowdfunding offer, or separately in packs of 5 or 10 papers. The printer also has support for AR photos. Thanks to supporting for AR photos, the number of different options, including colorful or fun photo templates, is quite wide. The Mijia application ensures that the printer is connected to the smartphone. While printing, you can still capture photos or videos, which can then be scanned and printed using the application. The bonus is also quite versatile use and the possibility of connecting more people, respectively. multiple devices simultaneously to one printer. Controlling the printer itself should be quick and easy using only three controls. Pleased diode for battery and Bluetooth. The worse news is to use an older microUSB connector for charging.


The Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer is not the first Xiaomi printer of this type. Towards the end of 2018, in fact, the Chinese brand launched another that had a huge success, the Mijia Photo Printer, less compact but that could print photos with a size of 6 inches, a resolution of 300 × 300 dpi and thermal sublimation printing. What is the same success again? We can grab it from Banggood at $64.99 in Pre-Sale and 47 pcs limited for the first batch

Buy XIAOMI Mi Pocket Photo Printer at $64.99


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    Just got it and there isn’t any user manual or instructions how to use exactly
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