Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2: a 10000mAh External Backup Power Station For Just $17.89 at CAFAGO (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 provides backup power storage is very useful to allow you to connect in an emergency. Large 10,000 mAh battery capacity enough to charge the Smartphone battery up to 4 times depending on the capacity of your Gadget battery.

This PowerBank supports High Output Charging feature. This feature supports Output power Charging 5V / 2A and 9V / 2A. The second generation Mi PowerBank can adjust output power up to 18W so you can charge the Gadget battery faster. The dimensions of Mi PowerBank 2 are only 14.1mm or 1/3 thinner than Mi PowerBank’s predecessor generation.

Mi Power Bank 2 10000 mAh is an external battery that provides fast charging and ensures the operation of devices with the most active users. Its thickness is only 14 mm, and the control processor provides charging in both directions and 9 levels of protection for both the battery and the connected devices.

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2 is supported World-class chips that are not only secure but can also improve the charge conversion rate and stabilize the power usage voltage. The 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 is a portable powerhouse that offers high-speed charging and ensures your devices make it through your busiest and longest days.

The newest more advanced capacity sensor, Mi PowerBank 2 is more durable and efficient in charging Gadget batteries. Press the Power button twice when you use PowerBank to charge a low-capacity battery such as a Bluetooth Headset or Fitness Band. Low battery output can charge low-power batteries faster up to a maximum of 2 hours only.

The aluminum case has a high structural strength that can withstand collisions and impacts, along with an ergonomic 180° arc design which provides a more secure hand grip. The smooth anodized finish creates a surface resistant to sweat, daily wear, and corrosion. Mi Power Bank 2 is merely 14.1mm thin and is 1/3 slimmer than its predecessor. Slip it in your pocket or bag and you’re all set to go!

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 now has an actual output capacity of 6900mAh, which is a 10% increase from its predecessor and offers the substantial capacity to keep multiple devices fully charged. We can buy it from CAFAGO at $17.89 after using this Coupon Code: BPAA0160


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