Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro Review: Comes with Dual-Band 1317Mbps 2.4G/5.0GHz (Price: $43.59)


New Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro  Gigabit Dual-Band 1317Mbps 2.4G/5.0GHz Wireless Router Wifi Repeater with 5 High Gain Antennas The Xiaomi Router 4 Pro receives an adjusted solid shape configuration.

 Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro


The design is perfect. Also, It has utilizes 5 elite autonomous sign intensifiers, and the remote rate is updated from 1167Mbps to 1317Mbps. Among them, the 2.4GHz band bolsters 3 transmissions and 3 transmissions, and the most extreme hypothetical 450Mbps.

 Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro

The 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band are furnishing with 3 and 2 autonomous superior sign intensifiers (PA+LNA), individually, making the switch signal transmission separation farther, more grounded through the divider, and effectively meet the bigger condo inclusion. Dad (power intensifier) ​​effectively upgrades the sign transmission force, and LNA (low clamor speaker) ​​can improve the sign gathering affectability.

 Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro


Xiaomi Router 4 Pro is furnishing in a Qualcomm processor. Also, Its bolsters Gigabit Ethernet port and Gigabit double band Wi-Fi information sending. It gives 1 Gigabit WAN port and 3 Gigabit LAN ports. 128MB enormous memory favoring, supporting up to 128 gadgets all the while and stable association. At the point when the Xiaomi keen gadget interfaces with the Internet just because it doesn’t expect you to physically enter a secret word with the Mijia App, making system get to increasingly advantageous.

 Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro


From a stylish perspective, Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro is a little hazy black box adorned with 5 outer receiving wires. Also, It contrasts with the four incorporates in the Xiaomi Mi Router 4 model. The Xiaomi switch can ensure a most extreme download speed of 1317 Mbps. It is contrastes with 1167 Mbps of the past model. Also, The double band support (2.4 and 5 GHz) can likewise depend on a sign intensifier (PA+LNA). Overseen by a Qualcomm processor with 128 MB of memory.

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Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro additionally incorporates four Ethernet ports and permits 128 gadgets to interface all the while. At long last, we additionally locate the standard Xiaomi Mijia application support. you can easily buy this from Gearbest at $43.59 

Update on July 8, 2020

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Pro
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