Xiaomi MI Smart Bike Design, Function, Price and More on June 23


Xiaomi has leaked the latest news that they will release its firston June 23 before, but they still keep very mysterious about its bike design. Right now Xiaomi has exposed MI Bike photo with mini design and multi-functional features. According to its latest poster, this MI Smart Bike has a clock to show it’s not a simple bike.


From the picture, Xiaomi mi smart bike is smaller than the common bikes, and it offers floodlight on the front, and provides the IR or laser sensor on the back. This smart bike will also give us four riding ways such as strengthening, balance, economic and healthy way. So it’s very likely to be with electricity design and it can connect APP to check the bike state of running.


For Xiaomi, this is the first time to release the Xiaomi MI Smart bike with electricity power different from the common ones on the market. And it can be very light and portable from the photo leaked. So when we go out for travel or do exercise, we can take this lightweight bike to keep our health. We believe Xiaomi will not let us down in price. It will be at least $200 with this kind of high-technology.


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