Xiaomi Mi Smart Body Weight Scale Flash Sale at @CAFAGO


High accuracy Xiaomi Smart Body Weight Scales – 100 grams, up to drinking a glass of water.
Scales precision pressure sensor to determine the exact weight. Synchronization with the Smartphone – is controlled by your phone your health and family health.

As a rule, even the smallest changes in body weight, for you are important. Using the unique technology of high-sensitivity sensor and the choice is very robust and reliable manganese steel allowed to increase the accuracy of measurement of weight, we changed the program of calculation of the traditional weights and instead created a system of measuring the weight at the same time in three different ways. This contributes to the fact that within a short period of time can be calculated based on your weight every detail. Accuracy 2 times less than in similar devices.

You can identify changes in your weight down to 0.1lbs matter what you were doing: after jogging, gym, exercise, walking, shopping or even after the household chores! You can also at any time to check the graph of your weight by mi application and get professional advice on health.

Open the application Mi Fit and anytime you can view your data, schedule changes, clearly see the process of your “conversion.” In addition, based on the BMI, you can plan a fitness exercise and adjust your diet. Each weighing is stored on the chip m³ may save up to 800 indices.

On the basis of the mass of the human body, Mi Smart Scale can automatically identify each family member will calculate an adult or child. From the very beginning of development, we were determined not only to create a good environment for your balance, but do not forget about his appearance.

Even though the scales are always on the floor, the designer has devoted a lot of effort to make perfect each side of the device. To ensure safety, we conducted a series of tests, such as the fall of a steel ball on the surface of the weights, because even in the bathroom is something we accidentally drop, so we can guarantee the reliability and strength of the balance.

Open mobile application mi Sport on the phone far away from the balance, and you can sync all of your data, and update the firmware. Living with Mi Smart Scale will bring you even more pleasant experience. 4 Use the Bluetooth low power consumption and battery life can last you for a year.


Xiaomi Smart Body Weight Scales can perceive a cup of water about 100g, so delicate. The APP only for android 4.4 Bluetooth 4.0 above smartphone. you can buy in flash sale From CAFAGO at $20.99 coupon code: PA2226SJ it can be used before 20 may


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