Xiaomi Mi Smart door Lock Pro is pre-sale at 1599 yuan, $242


Today, xiaomi Smart door Lock Pro opens pre-sale, priced at 1599 yuan, $242 . Xiaomi’s Smart door lock Pro has seven ways to unlock the door, including key, fingerprint, password, remote password, Bluetooth, NFC, etc., and supports Apple HomeKit.

It adopts a straight-insert C-class lock core, which runs through the whole lock body, and is still a complete mechanical lock even if the front panel is damaged. In addition, the door lock uses 3D semiconductor fingerprint identification, through the financial fingerprint detection algorithm, can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of fake fingerprints.

More importantly, the Mi Smart door lock Pro is equipped with a 1080P hd camera and 161° super wide angle, which supports the detection of doorway linger, timely alarm, abnormal recording, visual remote intercom and other functions.

In addition, it is built with a removable polymer battery, and the door lock is independently powered by four dry batteries. When the power is less than 20%, it will be alerted locally and remotely. The camera can last for 3-5 months, and the door lock can last for 10 months.

In addition, xiaomi smart door lock Pro can interact with XiaoAI students to check visitors through xiaomi touch screen speaker and turn into a visual dialogue doorbell.


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