Xiaomi MI Smart Watch Will Feature Snapdragon 410 RAM 512MB at $150


When Xiaomi Mi band 2 has been released, its high competitive price and improved practical functions have been deeply impressed all over the world, even it’s hard for us to catch one miband 2. Right now people also are very interested in Xiaomi mi smart watch, after all, they are very expensive to afford currently like Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Apple Watch, and Huawei watch more than $200. So we are expecting more about Xiaomi smart watch with very competitive functions and price to compete with those expensive smart watched.


It’s said Xiaomi Mi smart watch will use 1.3inch round screen, powered by Snapdragon 410 processor, RAM 512MB. About the price, it also leaked it will be possible at 999 yuan, almost $150. When we heard this kind of news, we are so excited that Xiaomi will also give us a chance to wear such luxurious and practical smart watch compared with other big brands. It is destiny  that  Xiaomi will make hit in smart watch to break the record in wearable devices line.

When we choose a wearable device, we care most about its battery life. We don’t want to charge our smart watch or smart band every day. But according to the professional analyst, Pan Jiutang, Xiaomi mi smart watch has made big success in its power consumption which can compete with Garmin.

With the market becoming more mature, Xiaomi is trying to expand its product line, whether Xiaomi miband 2, or Xiaomi smart watch and Xiaomi notebook on the way, we have seen Xiaomi spirit that never give up. So after Xiaomi miband 2, will Xiaomi mi smart watch hit the market in the near future? Just believe, beautiful things will happen.



  1. The big question is not what processor the watch will come with, but what OS? Will it be another crippled one or something capable of running Android wear apps?
    If they can achieve wear compatibility with an miui style interface then it could be a real winner. If not then it is no more than an expensive semi smart China watch the likes of which are available a lot cheaper.

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