Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch, Garmin Quatix 3 Killer will have Two Versions at $166


According to latest news, Xiaomi will release its first smart watch later this year. And it has confirmed by Huang Wang, Huami CEO and Liu De, Xiaomi Vice CEO. There is much rumor about Xiaomi mi smart watch performance, design, price and other factors.


It’s known Xiaomi miband 2 has released not for a long time, it also leaked the news about Xiaomi mi smart watch, and it has also confirmed by Pan Jiutang, a famous analyst. He also said the power consumption of Xiaomi Mi Smart watch can compare with Garmin brand from Taiwan. They have released Garmin Quatix 3 smart watch at the first of this year. It claimed it can charge one time for 6-week usage. So Xiaomi can say they can compete with Quatix 3, we believe it’s worthwhile to see this mi smart watch.

Xiaomi mi smart watch is still myserious. They guess this will have two models at 166usd, 266usd separately. The Mi smart watch has round design made of brushed metal materials.About its name, it can be called Xiaomi mi smart watch or MI Watch. But all of these are just rumor they think. As for more details, we need to wait for its official news. So what do you expect this Xiaomi smart watch?


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