Xiaomi Mi TV 4 New Product Re-Exposure: Thickness is Only 2mm?


Not long ago, Xiao Xiaoshuang, the general manager of Xiaomi Mi TV (Air Conditioning) Department, announced on Weibo that Xiaomi Mi TV new products will meet with you this month. A few days ago, Xiaomi Mi TV officially released a preheating poster, announcing the 2019 spring new product launch conference of Xiaomi Mi TV, which will be held in Beijing on April 23.  On the morning of April 19th, Xiaomi Mi TV officially released the latest poster: “Remarkably reading the question, today’s information is huge: this time, no distance! Are you getting it?”

In the preheating poster, a hand poses a thickness of about 2, 3 mm, which may indicate that the Xiaomi Mi TV will bring surprises in thickness.

Before the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 used LED display, it realized ultra-thin design (the thinnest body is only 4.9mm), and the frame is also ultra-narrow design, the resolution is up to 4K, the overall visual effect is amazing. This new product may further reduce the thickness of the phone on the basis of Xiaomi Mi TV 4.

Of course, the reference here may also be the TV BM area, that is, there is a black area around the TV screen that cannot display images. The BM area of ​​ ordinary TV has 9mm. This time, Xiaomi TV may be almost invisible.

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According to the information of previous exposure, Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is mainly called “double-sided art”, which is called “exciting more than one side, anyway, it looks good!” At the same time, it may directly abandon the remote control and use the full voice remote control.

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