Xiaomi MI TV 4 Will Sell 14,000 yuan,$2,333 in China


Yesterday, Xiaomi official TV has announced that they will hold the press conference in Beijing on May 18 to release the annual flagship product of 2017. According to poster, it shows the number ‘4’, so we can confirm Xiaomi will release Xiaomi MI TV 4 that unveiled at CES 2017. After waiting for four months, we finally can see it.

At CES, Xiaomi claims that Xiaomi MI TV 4 adopts LED screen, only 4.9mm thickness, and its frame is also ultra thin, up to 4K screen resolution,the overall virtual effect is quite amazing. As for specs, Xiaomi MI TV 4 should have 65 inch ,55 inch, 49inch versions, the 65inch version adopts detachable design, providing Dolby Panoramic sound image version.

In price, Xiaomi MI TV 4 announces its price within $2000, 14,000 yuan, which is the most expensive Xiaomi TV in the world. But due to competitive price strategy of Xiaomi, they may sell it at lower price in China, in terms of its cost, it will be not so cheap. What do you think of it?


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