Xiaomi Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition Released: Starting at $929


Xiaomi held a video quality dual flagship meeting and officially released the Xiaomi Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition and Mi TV ES 2022 new product TVs. Among them, the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition offers three sizes of 55/65/75, which is known as the ceiling of TV picture quality within 10,000 yuan, and it is benchmarked against Sony’s high-end LCD flagship X95J. In LCD TVs, the number of backlight partitions can be described as a measure of image quality. The greater the number of partitions, the stronger the light control ability.

The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is equipped with the “Star Screen Sharp Shadow” 100-level partition backlight system, which achieves a breakthrough improvement in brightness, contrast, and details of light and dark levels.

The number of 55”/65”/75” partitions are 100/224/255, and each partition can present 4096 levels of light and shade changes, giving light to ever-changing levels and details, supporting dynamic Alpha value optimization, and achieving a leap in the ability to control black in scene Promote.

In addition, the 55” peak brightness is 1000nits, and the 65”/75” peak brightness is 1200nits. At present, the highest recognized standard for TV HDR is Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision), which can improve the image quality through dynamic metadata, so that the TV can apply suitable tone mapping in different scenes or even different frames. The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition has been the first to obtain the Dolby Vision IQ certification and is the first TV brand in China to obtain the Dolby Vision IQ certification.

Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition uses a 4K quantum dot screen, 120Hz refresh rate, 97% DCI-P3, 103% NTSC wide color gamut, calibration of the primary color screen one by one, gamma curve correction, reducing the color difference in different scenes, 6 levels Color temperature adjustment, adapt to multiple scenes, using 3D LUT film-level color correction technology, Delta E 1.5, can be called a professional-level display.

In terms of performance, the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is first released with MTK 9950 image quality enhanced chip, supports hardware-level AI-SR super-division technology, can deeply analyze screen content and match a huge image database, and can convert low-bitrate/low-resolution films The source is optimized to ultra-high-definition level, the color transition is more natural, and the content is more realistic.

At the same time, it is equipped with a large storage combination of 4.5GB+64GB to ensure smooth operation, while also providing users with large-capacity storage space, a worry-free downloading APP, and storing high-definition photos and videos. The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition supports Wi-Fi 6 and has new features such as higher speed, higher access numbers, lower latency, and lower energy consumption.

In terms of sound quality, the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition has 16 high-quality pronunciation units, 8 independent channels, supports Dolby Atmos 4.2.2, the total power is 100W (55 inches is 90W), and the main speaker and left and right surround use 2 points Frequency, 25mm ultra-thin subwoofer, two passive radiators are symmetrically arranged to achieve the same screen of audio and video, creating a more realistic stereo surround sound effect.

The Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition is also the industry’s first AI dual-camera TV. The camera adopts an ultra-wide-angle design, a larger field of view, controllable lifting, and privacy protection; it supports AI gesture control, moves your fingers, completes playback and pauses, and multi-scene video calls.

In terms of appearance design, the Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition has an all-metal body, high-end luxury texture, transmitted from the inside out, 4mm ultra-thin central base, looks like floating in the air, floating breathing light, lighting up a smart atmosphere, all in one Bend the frame to create a minimalist aesthetic.

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In terms of price, Xiaomi Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition 55-inch version is 5999 yuan, the 65-inch version is 7999 yuan, and the 75-inch version is 9999 yuan.

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