Xiaomi MI VR Headset Design Exposed Like Samsung Gear VR


VR Headset is quite popular right now. Since HTC, Google, Samsung, Sony starts its own VR virtual reality device, more and more Chinese smartphone brands such as Huawei, Letv, ZTE, Oneplus,etc have started to release its own VR headset. So Xiaomi will also not fall behind. Recently, a lot of news about Xiaomi MI VR has been exposed. It’s said it will be released in August or September. We are so curious about its design.


Due to its coming, some netizens start to think about Xiaomi mi VR design. There are only a few months left. Xiaomi can’t produce the excellent VR device like HTC Vive for PC. What’s more, Xiaomi has no market in PC market.

As for VR all-in-one headset, we believe the possibility is very small. Although VR All-in-One headset will be the final tendency for most manufacturer, it’s still too early and there are some distance way from All-in-one VR device.


We believe it will be very like Gear VR. Because the design of Gear vr is very popular. We can look back about the recent hot VR device for smartphone, Pico 1 VR, Huawei VR, ZTE VR, Baofeng Mojing 5 VR, Asus VR. They have no much difference. So Xiaomi will also take the similar design to some extent according to this kind of tendency.


In order to create better experience, there will be a  nine auxiliary positioning axis of gyroscope, as for the final price, it is estimated in 500 yuan, $90.As for it will be 299 yuan, 399 yuan or 499 yuan, it is up to the performance.

As is known to all, this kind of Xiaomi mi VR headset will be used for smartphone to show the function, so Xiaomi will be possible to release a smartphone compatible. And Google has announced DayDream platform for Android VR. Most smartphones right now can’t meet the standard, So in order to win more benefits in content, we believe Xiaomi will also release the smartphone to adjust for Daydream platform. Stay tuned for more!





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