Xiaomi MI Wifi Router AX6000 Officially Released at 599 yuan, $92


In the Mi 11 new product launch event on December 28, 2020, Xiaomi released its first high-end new router that supports “WI-FI6 enhanced version” technology: mi Router AX6000.

The Mi Router AX6000 has a wireless speed of 6000 megabits, which is the highest in the mi router series. It features WiFi6 enhancements, 4K QAM and a 2500-megabit full speed network port, which promises to deliver a different experience from previous WiFi6 routers.

First of all, WiFi6 enhanced technology further supports the 4×4 160MHz hf bandwidth, which enables xiaomi mi11 and other terminal devices that support this frequency band to have a network speed twice as high as the current mainstream WiFi6 4× 480mhz BANDWIDTH, multiple devices can also enjoy the high speed brought by 160MHz online at the same time.

Second, xiaomi’s mi wifi AX6000 router supports the most advanced 4K QAM high-speed transmission technology in the world for the first time. It can further compress the data density and increase the amount of data transmitted at the same time by 20% compared with the previous 1024 QAM. With xiaomi router AX6000 and xiaomi mi11 and other 4K QAM supporting devices, the network speed can be accelerated by one level.

On the hardware side, the Mi Router AX6000 comes with a 2,500MB full speed network port. The current trend of home broadband has exceeded gigabit, and compared with the traditional router’s gigabit network port, 2500 megabytes network port can better meet the user’s broadband upgrade demand in the next few years.

At the same time, the network port also supports WAN/LAN switching. When LAN port mode is used, the combination of NAS high-speed family private cloud disk and high-rate WiFi6 network can smoothly play hd video.

Not only does it have faster Internet speeds, the Mi Router AX6000 also performs very well in signal coverage and stability. Through 6 independent signal amplifiers and Millet Mesh networking, it can deal with all kinds of complex households, so that the whole house can be covered without dead corner, while the special chip for router from Qualcomm can provide a more stable network environment.

Mi router AX6000 built-in 6-channel independent signal amplifier can effectively enhance the signal transmission power, improve the signal reception sensitivity. The effect of router’s signal through the wall is better and the coverage is wider. A router can also easily cover the house type with the layout of three houses.

In the face of multi-layer households, Xiaomi router AX6000 supports Mi Mesh networking, which can easily handle all kinds of super-large households and upper and lower multi-layer households, etc. The device can automatically roam seamlessly between multiple routers and play without getting stuck while walking.
As the network center of smart home, Xiaomi router AX6000 can also bring xiaomi AIoT ecological unique convenient experience. Xiaomi’s AX6000 has 512 MEgabytes of ram and supports 248 devices at the same time. The independent AIoT antenna and Xiaomi Free Connect technology enable users to open Mijia APP and click the “+” in the upper right corner to automatically find xiaomi smart devices that are not equipped with network around them. Without entering a password, they can be configured into the network with one click.

After the router changes the Wi-Fi password, it will also sync the new password to all Xiaomi smart devices that support Xiaomi’s Smooth connection function. The devices will automatically connect to the router with the new password without resetting the network one by one.

In the face of game players’ usage scenarios, xiaomi router AX6000 supports Tencent and netease two game accelerators at the same time, giving away 108 and 90 day premium members respectively. Multi-end games such as console, handheld device, PC and mobile phone are fully covered, with double acceleration guarantee.

In addition, the Xiaomi router AX6000 can also intelligently identify xiaomi /Redmi phones and open exclusive acceleration channels in game scenarios, significantly reducing game delays and delays.

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Xiaomi router AX6000, with an official retail price of 599 yuan, will be available for pre-order at 8:30 PM on December 28 and omni-channel sale at 10:00 am on January 8.


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