Xiaomi MI10 Pro Development Version Supported “Mi Miaoxiang” Cross-screen Operation


Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro development version of the test has now supported mi Miaoxiang cross-screen collaboration function.

Mi Miaoxiang cross-screen collaboration allows you to share pictures and videos by dragging and dropping both screens on your laptop, and play mobile games, make video on tiktok on your laptop. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro development version 20.11.12 users can experience this feature by setting – connection and sharing – cross-screen collaboration. Xiaomi Miaoxiang was officially announced in the public speech on the 10th anniversary of Lei Jun, which supports the cross-screen collaboration experience of multiple devices. Mobile phone photos can be directly dragged onto the PPT of the notebook for use, mobile phone documents can open, edited and saved directly from the notebook, and videos cut from the notebook can be directly dragged to share shivering sounds. At the same time, the laptop supports the mobile phone dual screen open, multi-tasking.

Xiaomi previously said that the mi 9, Mi 9 Pro, K20 Pro and other development versions have supported Mi Miaoxiang cross-screen collaboration, and the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro will be re-adapted on Android 11, so it will take some time to use.


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