Xiaomi Mi11 Design, Specs, Camera, Price, Review and More


The Xiaomi Mi 11 configuration leaked the 875+ screen lens. This phone uses a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen. The screen supports a resolution of 2k, making the entire phone look thinner and lighter. At the same time, this phone adopts a hyperboloid design, and the control of the frame is very in place. It is basically close to the limit of no frame, and the screen ratio of the phone is as high as about 96%.  As we all know, Xiaomi Digital. In terms of core processors, Xiaomi Mi 11 will be equipped with the next-generation flagship chip Snapdragon 875 processor. This latest generation 5G chip using the cortexA78 architecture is destined to have stronger performance and more powerful Graphics processing capabilities laid the foundation for Xiaomi Mi 11 to win the “next home-made machine king”.

In terms of appearance, the Samsung super AMOLED 2K curved screen used by Xiaomi Mi 11 creates a full-screen visual effect, with a screen-to-body ratio of 96%. And the under-screen camera technology ensures the integrity of the screen, creating a strong sense of visual impact. In addition, this screen of Xiaomi Mi 11 also supports HDR10 high dynamic range to ensure that the screen display effect is enhanced. Blessed are the video parties who love to watch TV series! And it also supports an ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz and a touch sampling rate, which is simply “the number one gospel” for users who love to play games.

Xiaomi Mi 11 has also made a huge breakthrough in the imaging system. Although it has adopted a rear four-camera solution, it is not blindly stacking cameras as we imagined, but paying more attention to the quality of photography. A 192 Megapixel super main camera + 40 Megapixels super zoom camera + 21 Megapixels ultra-wide-angle camera + 8 Megapixels macro camera, supplemented by OIS optical image stabilization and PDFA phase focusing technology, Xiaomi Mi11 The imaging capabilities of this are evident.

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Finally, the news broke that Mi 11 will also be equipped with a 5500Ah high-capacity battery and 100W super flash charging technology. The blessing of “super god” equipment makes Mi 11 a bit of “loneliness of the strong”. How much do you think the price of Mi 11 is more reasonable? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.


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