Xiaomi MI11 New Features Leaked: 144Hz, Snapdragon 875, and 5500mAh Battery


Xiaomi has fought a turnaround battle in the first half of the 20th year, among which the most important flagship is Xiaomi MI10 Pro. This top-level 5G flagship not only elevates the status of Xiaomi phones, but also expands the influence of Xiaomi brand, making Xiaomi a non-negligible presence in the current 5G mobile phone market. The success of the Mi 10Pro cannot be duplicated. It is the result of years of experience, not overnight success. But the new 5G flagship is expected to work wonders again, with the mi 11, a phone with newly confirmed parameters, completely surpassing the Mi 10Pro in terms of configuration, according to media reports. The exposure of online parameters lets more people know about Xiaomi MI11, and it can be said that this time Lei Jun really trys his best to do it.

According to media reports, the Mi 11 will be available in the first half of next year, but it will be released a little earlier than this year’s Mi 10Pro. As the new flagship, the biggest change in the exposure parameters is the processor. The Mi 11 will be equipped with snapdragon 875 processor built by TSMC’s 5 nanometer technology, which is lower in power consumption than snapdragon 865. In addition, it will have a new CPU architecture, which can give full play to stronger performance. In appearance, Xiaomi mi10 series adopted punch design before, although it has made perfectly, it destroyed the screen, Xiaomi mi11 will make big changes, the use of advanced lens under the screen, camera placed in the bottom of the screen, and it also is a 2k resolution full screen, it is said that will support 144 hz refresh rate,  MI11 screen will be the best full screen.

Xiaomi mi11 adopts camera better. Each camera is of high quality and will adopt matrix quadrangle with 150 million pixels as the main camera, which is 50 million pixels higher than that of xiaomi MI10 Pro. In addition, it has 21 million pixels of super wide Angle +40 million pixels of zoom +8 million pixels of macro. Battery life is also a key parameter. The Mi 11 will have a 5,500mah battery built in, supporting a 100W fast charge. Once such a high power charge is realized, the charging speed will be extremely fast.

The premature exposure of the parameters of Xiaomi mi 11 is actually a signal to consumers, making them pay more attention to xiaomi phones, so as not to forget Xiaomi in such a complicated market. From this year’s Mi 10 series, we can know that Xiaomi’s flagship has really stepped into the high-end market, and the price of Mi 11 will surely increase. If Xiaomi mi11 comes into the market, will you choose to buy it as soon as possible? Let us know in the comments section below.


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