Xiaomi MI11 Smartphone Specs Leaked with Snapdragon 875


Xiaomi MI10 as the first high-end smartphone this year has been released with quite good specs and competitive price. Therefore, we are more expecting Xiaomi MI11 with more new technology.

There is more news about Xiaomi MI11. Currently it is said that it will use under screen camera to fit with full view display. Previously Xiaomi MI MIX 4 leaked to use such camera design. If Xiaomi MI11 really uses such design, adding dual curved screen, 100% screen to body ratio, it will be quite amazing in its design. But in its quality of screen, we only know Xiaomi MI11 will use 144Hz high refresh rate.

For a smartphone, the processor of the phone is the key, MI11 will use latest Snapdragon 876 processor, compared with Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 875 processor will improve about 30%, meanwhile, it will use 5G network with better and faster experience. Of course, MI11 is said to use big 6,000mAh battery, 100W power charge.

As we know Xiaomi MI10 uses 0.1 billion pixel camera, so MI11 will not only use it but also add a camera to support up to 100 times digital zooming. This kind of specs will compete with Huawei Mate 40 series released in the second half year.

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Previously Lu Weibing once discussed with Meizu fans about waterproof function, they will make better, so MI11 will use IP68 waterproof function to become real flagship with high quality.


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