Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 unofficially received Android 8.0 (Oreo) How to install and Download


With the arrival of Android Oreo, the competition to see what device will receive before the update has just begun. With Google working hand in hand with several manufacturers, and developers willing to give it all, we already have the first devices not Pixel or Nexus in an upgrade to Android Oreo.

The most unexpected is that it is not a Moto G or any Device with an AOSP ROM. This is Xiaomi, specifically the models Mi 3 and Mi 4, which can already enjoy Android Oreo before anyone else.

As you know, at the moment we are testing the new firmware Xiaomi MIUI 9, which many smartphones will bring a new version of Android, namely Android 7.0. Although recently Google has already submitted Android 8.0 (Oreo), which Xiaomi smartphones will officially receive only by the end of this year. But this, of course, does not apply to custom assemblies. Yesterday, the xda-developers team unveiled an unofficial Android 8.0 build for Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 smartphones. This happened due to the fact that Google released the source code of AOSP for Android Oreo. So “just around the corner” and the output of assemblies for other smartphones.

How to install and where to download Android 8.0 (Oreo) for Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4

To install the ROM we have to have the recovery we prefer, like TWRP and download the necessary files:

We remind you that this is only advisable to do if you have the necessary knowledge and from The Free Android we are not responsible for what may happen to the mobile.

Then follow these steps:

  • Make a Wipe data and wipe cache in the recovery.
    Restart recovery after a wipe.
    Flash the ROM zip directly.
    Flashing the magisk zip.
    Flashing the gapps. This will take quite a while.
    When the recovery is restarted, reboot.
    Skip the setup process because the keyboard may fail.
    Install a third-party app.
    Go to settings and set up your Google account.
    It is possible that we have some drawbacks but there is nothing that will fail seriously such as Wifi or 4G communications. However, there is post questions and answers on any questions that arise us.


  • I am on RR, DU, XYZ rom how do I flash this?
    Clean flash (wipe data, system, cache)
  • Aosp keyboard is crashing when taping on symbols?
    Install gboard or 3rd party apps
  • Does this support my phone?
    We have tested it only on Mi3 and Mi4
  • After flashing gapps, it froze.
    Restart again and flash gapps
  • Battery is showing the inaccurate value of shows connected even when not charging. What to do?
    Issues happen with LG/Sony battery. It will be fixed in next build.
  • After multiple attempts, I was able to flash but flash light isn’t working and sensors. What to do?
    Reboot to recovery and wipe data and flash
  • My phone is not rooted after flashing this ROM
    Rom has no pre-installed root either flash latest super SU or magisk
  • Am I unable to flash getting the error?
    In twrp>advanced>filemanager go to system/bin/device_check.sh it will have a chmod option tap on it
    again reboot to recovery and flash
  • Is this Android Oreo?
    I think so unless Google trolled us
  • what Gapps should I flash?
    one linked to download or any 8.0 gapps
  • Is performance super fast/slow?
    Don’t make posts regarding this until we 3-4 updates
  • Is battery backup awesome/average/bad?
    Don’t make posts regarding this until we 3-4 updates
  • Can I make feature requests or changes?
    No. Not for some time
  • How about updates?
    We will try to provide frequent updates.
  • How can I disable Navigation bar
    using ADB
    ADB shell settings put global policy_control immersive.navigation=*
    And add this line to build.prop
  • Is OMS added?
    No, we have not added any extra commits. I assume it should work out of the box.
  • Can I flash Substratum themes?
    Yes only the one that supports O
  • what about multi ROM?
    Don’t flash multi ROM zip. It Will wipe your sd-card

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