Xiaomi MI3/4/Note Original Android7.1.1 ROM Download


Xiaomi has started to launch MIUI 9 OS, it should be based on Android 7.0 Nougat. But from recent data on GFXBench, it shows Redmi Note 3 with Android7.1.1. So Xiaomi has skipped Android 7.0? We have to wait for long time about Official new OS, but the third party ROM has come.

According to ROM player, @ivan leaking the screenshot, it shows Xiaomi MI4, Xiaomi MI Note standard version and Xiaomi MI Note advanced version has run Android7.1.1 successfully, the safe patch has updated to December 5, 2016.

He also claims that this new patches have been test indoor, which proves there is no big Bug, then they will release for you. But due to individual making, it exists some limits in OS, models and so on. The parts of functions of OS can’t be provided. But they all original Android OS. If you like MIUI, you can not upgrade.

Right now they will only make the ROM about this three smartphones, about others, they will not consider. And after previous teaser, he has officially released Xiaomi MI3, Xiaomi MI4, Xiaomi MI Note and Xiaomi MI Note top version original Android 7.1.1 ROM.

It’s worthwhile to know that only Xiaomi MI3 WCDMA and CDMA version can be compatible with this ROM, Due to different processor on T-Mobile version, so it can’t use this ROM.

This ROM is based on original ROM, so it will come with Root itself, and no other special features. If you like original ROM, you can have a try.

Last but not least,Xiaomi MI Note top version needs to flash based on Android5.1 OS, or some problems may happen.

Download Links

Xiaomi MI Note Standard Version

ROM (Password: sgb2)

Recovery (Password: 9ufq)

Xiaomi MI Note Top version

ROM (PS: f7ij)

Recovery (PS: xtzj)

Xiaomi MI3/MI4

ROM (PS: 684y)

Recovery (PS: bzpf)


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