Xiaomi MI5 Curved Screen Smartphone Spotted on Chinese Xian Yu Website at 8,888 yuan


Chinese Xian Yu Website has become a magic website to show some new smartphones recently including Meizu and Smartisan. And Gree second generation smartphone has also been bargained here. Currently, there is a new Xiaomi MI5 curved screen smartphone sells at 8,888 yuan, which has been attracted at once.

According to the photo, we can see Xiaomi MI5 shows the curved state, but we can see it can still be used from the display, this reseller who sets the price of this Xiaomi MI5 at 8,888 yuan collects this Xiaomi MI5 on their own, just in order to show Xiaomi MI5 quality.

In fact, Xiaomi MI5 black version has almost been out of stock, you can check Xiaomi official website that shows Xiaomi MI5 black has stopped to sell. Currently, only Xiaomi MI5 White and golden version are in stock. We have no idea if Xiaomi MI5 black version will sell again.

Therefore, although Xiaomi MI5 curved screen is made by manual,not the real curved screen itself, it stills shows Xiaomi MI5 has really good quality. If you still don’t have Xiaomi MI5 yet, right now you can be assured to try now.


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