Xiaomi MI5 vs Huawei P9 vs Meizu Pro 6 Smartphone Review


This year smartphones become more and more various, most Chinese manufacturers have done a lot in its design, performance, price, etc in order to grab more market share. What we care most are Xiaomi MI5, Huawei P9 and Meizu Pro which have been released and made us more difficult to choose. Meanwhile, these smartphones are the high-end ones to represent the competition among Snapdragon 820, Huawei Kirin 955 and Helio X25 chipset. So which one is really the winner on earth? Let’s compare its specs first.


Besides configuration of Meizu Pro 6, Xiaomi MI5 has the similar specs to Huawei P9. But all uses USB Type C port, Meizu Pro 6 adopts the latest USB3.1 Type C, other two use USB2.0 Type C. Unfortunately, Huawei P9 is the only one without quick charger in its standard version package.


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In terms of appearance, Meizu Pro 6 and Huawei P9 both use all metal body and special design in both camera, Meizu carried its round LED under the camera, but it still stands out a little about its camera. There is a rectangle 2.5D glass cover its camera on the head, and there is no camera standing out which will not cause non-smoothness to hold. Meizu Pro 6 uses fuselage surface similar to iPhone 6S, and has nice hands holding feeling like iphone 6s to give us more vigor, energy. But Huawei P9 has a metal wire drawing to hold and make us more full of business and mature which the middle-aged people will like it more.


Huawei P9 Average DeltaE

Xiaomi MI5  Average DeltaE


Meizu  Average DeltaE

Xiaomi MI5 Screen standard mode data:
Contrast: 1200:1,  default temperature color, 6300K, highest brightness: 610nits sRGB,  color gamut: 92.9% 104 colored quasi: 3.7
The Highest screen brightness by manual operation everywhere: 506~615nits

Huawei P9 Screen standard mode data:
Contrast: 1400:1,  default temperature color: 7600K,  highest brightness: 370nits sRGB,  color gamut:92%
104 colored quasi: 5
The Highest screen brightness by manual operation everywhere:515~600nits

Meizu Pro 6 Screen standard mode data:

Contrast: ∞:1, default temperature color: 7600K,  highest brightness: 370nits sRGB, color gamut:92%,
104 colored quasi: 3.8,

The Highest screen brightness by manual operation everywhere:325~370nits
According to comparison of three smartphone in screen resolution, the brightness of Meizu Pro 6 has deficiency due to  AMOLED screen. Although Xiaomi MI5 and Huawei P9 has better brightness, but under the highest brightness, it shows uneven, the difference between them has 100nits.



Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6

Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


They all have its advantages in OS, Flyme 5 seems very young, vigorous, but MIUI7 has more complicated operation and it is built in more Apps itself, while Huawei EMUI 4 is the middle OS compared with them, inclined to business users.These three OS don’t have secondary menu, Xiaomi comes with its own Apps more.


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Snapdrgon 820 performs best in CPU and GPU test, Meizu Pro 6 performance are between Huawei P9 and Xiaomi MI5.  But Huawei P9 performs well such as GeekBench multi core, PI, etc, but bad in GPU relative project. In fact, Huawei P9 has four A72 large core, but Meizu Pro 6 only has two A72 large core, under high running CPU, Kirin 955 will have more advantages due to supporting multi core for Android well. And Snapdragon 820 is better in single core test of GeekBench. But in terms of single core performance, it’s not better than single A72 Core. Kirin 955 performs better than Snapdragon 820 and MT6797T in daily use.




Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


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At night

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Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6

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Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


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Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6


Left:Xiaomi MI5  Middle: Huawei P9   Right: Meizu Pro 6

According to these samples, Meizu Pro 6 can’t focus to take 10 photos continuously. So meizu pro 6 has false focus. Huawei P9 has white balance problem in this scene, but its edge analysis is still powered than Xiaomi MI5.
Meizu Pro 6 has the largest problem in shooting photos is that it has bad focus in remote area. And meizu pro 6 is slowest in pressing the camera button.

Huawei P9 keeps its special style in taking the common colored photos, its exposure is not high, and sometimes it has white balance problem, so its experience in taking pictures shows not well. Although Huawei P9 has no optical image stabilization, but in images, it is better than Xiaomi mi5 and Meizu Pro 6 under the dimmest light.

Xiaomi MI5 is the fastest in camera shooting, and its focus speed is also fastest. It shoots best than Meizu Pro 6 and Huawei P9. But its white balance is not stable and there is point in dim light.

Battery Life

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Meizu Pro 6

Left: Xiaomi MI5   Right: Huawei P9

We have tested three models in three hours, Xiaomi MI5 shows best, although it still has 77% power left. Then the second rank is Huawei P9, 70%  power left, the last one is Meizu Pro 6, 64% battery left.
As for cooling aspect, after watching NBA video in one hour, Meizu Pro 6’s highest temperature is 41.2℃, Huawei P9 42.4℃, Xiaomi Mi5  45.4 ℃,


Therefore, according to these contrast, Xiaomi MI5 has better battery life and GPU performance, Huawei P9 uses more fluent in daily use and better night shooting effect, and Meizu Pro 6 shows best in its OS and quick charge. They all have their advantages and its advantages. You will affect by these aspects. So what will you choose now?


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