Xiaomi MI5 vs Letv LeEco Max 2 vs Lenovo ZUK Z2


This year most smartphone manufacturers have focused on Snapdragon 820 processor. It’s known to all that if a smartphone with Snapdragon 820 processor at a very cheap price, this smartphone will be very popular to have a try. So today we will introduce three smartphone to compare, they are Xiaomi mi5 advanced version, ZUK Z2, and Letv Le max 2 smartphone. So which will be the best killer for Snapdragon 820 smartphone.




They all are powered by Snapdragon 820 2.15GHz processor and LPDDR4 1866Mhz, but Xiaomi MI5 just has RAM 3GB, a little inadequate than others. About storage, Xiaomi MI5 and Le Max 2 has UFS2.0, but Zuk z2 has EMMC5.1, so Xiaomi mi5 is the best, and Le max 2 only has 32GB ROM without expansion. So which one will you choose?


Battery Life

In battery life, ZUK Z2 has increased its battery to 3500mAh battery, but Le max 2 only has 3100mAh small battery with a large 5.7inch 2k screen. As for xiaomi mi5 has 3,000mAh battery which is between ZUK Z2 and LETV Le max 2. Therefore, ZUK Z2 wins in battery life.



Xiaomi MI5 uses IMX298 (1.12μm, 1/2.8inch), Le max 2 uses IMX230 (1.12μm,1/2.4inch), both support ISO function with nice operation. ZUK Z2 has used ISOCELL customized by Samsung, 1.34μm, 1/2.6inch. But in view of pixel area, ZUK Z2 is highest, but lower tahn Samsung Galaxy S7 1.4μm. After all, Samsung will not give the best pixel area to other brands.



All of three smartphones don’t have TF Card support. but it’s ok for Letv le max 2 with ROM 64GB. Zuk Z2 doesn’t have NFC function, but Xiaomi mi5 does. In weight, Xiaomi mi5 is lightest, then ZUK Z2 ranked second, Le max 2 is too heavy due to large screen.

According to their comparison, if you don’t consider the price, Xiaomi mi5 advanced version has the same level as ZUK Z2, Letv Le max 2 can’t compare with them. Of course, if you take price into consideration,  ZUK Z2 can beat the other two. In your mind, which is your best Snapdragon 820 smartphone? Below are the special coupons for Xiaomi MI5.

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