Xiaomi MI5C/Meri with Android7.1.1 Shows on Geekbench


Previously, there was a model, Xiaomi Meri leaked, in fact, this smartphone can not only call Xiaomi Meri but also Xiaomi MI5C. It will use 5.15inch or 5.2 inch screen, and a lot of real photos about Xiaomi MI5C has been also unveiled. Last October, it has been shown on Geekbench 4 about its performance. It shows it is built in 3GB RAM, powered by Octa core 1.4GHz processor, preinstalling Android6.0 OS, 758 points in single core and 3043 points in multi-core.

Yesterday, Geekbench has updated its performance, it shows 762 points in single core and 3399 points in multi-core, as for hardware performance, it hasn’t much changed, the biggest feature is Android7.1.1, we can see compared with Android7.1.1 OS, Android6.0 OS has better optimization in performance to show the powerful hardware.

There was a real photo about Xiaomi MI5C unveiled yesterday, which may be Xiaomi MI5C Advanced version with Snapdragon 821 processor, currently, this Xiaomi MI5C with Android7.1.1 OS is the low version to use its own Pinecone processor. If it really looks like it, we believe more users will buy it. Stay tuned.


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