Xiaomi MI5S Confirms Under Glass Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID and MIUI 3D Touch


Previously, Xiaomi MI5S is possible to use Under Glass fingerprint scanner, which means the sensor is hidden under the glass without poles on the smartphone glass panel. Now Xiaomi official has confirmed this function. At Xiaomi official Weibo, it has shown the poster again to write that besides capacitive fingerprint, what else does Xiaomi mi5s have?


It’s said this kind of fingerprint scanner’s main advantage that its accuracy of unlocking will not be affected by fingerprint dirt, sebum and sweat. According to previous news, Xiaomi MI5S will use dual rear camera and dual curved screen.


Besides, someone has exposed in Xiaomi MIUI forum that Xiaomi has developed its own MIUI 3D Touch function, similar to Apple, Huawei, Meizu and other manufacturers. Its screen can also recognize the fingerprint press to provide the extra menu functions.

Right now he shared Xiaomi MI5S UI interface, according to the picture, it confirms Xiaomi is really planning Xiaomi MI5S 3D touch function, but other menu design has no big difference from other manufacturers. In general, UI os will be a little blurring in order to stand its force touch menu out. But Xiaomi doesn’t use Gaussian Blur from the perspective of implementation plan, but uses the a variety of light bean lookalike to enhance comparison. So this kind of possibility of design is very big.

In addition, in view of Xiaomi camera, Xiaomi MI5S will use fish eye lens with ultra wide lens, the viewing angle is almost equal to 180 degree lens. This camera lens’ front lens diameter is very short and it shows parabolic shaped and stands out to the front, which is similar to fish’s eye. That’s the source of fisheye lens.


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