Xiaomi MI5S Plus Design, Hardware, Camera, Antutu Review


Yesterday we have made the comparison review about Xiaomi MI5S, Xiaomi MI5S Plus and Xiaomi MI5. In terms of the name, we believe Xiaomi MI5s plus will be the most powerful one, so when you face the choice about Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus with difference design and performance, which one will you choose first? Today we will make the review about Xiaomi MI5S Plus to help you make the right choice.


Xiaomi MI5S Plus (Left) vs Xiaomi MI5S (Right)


Xiaomi MI5S Plus (Left) vs Xiaomi MI5S (Right)


Xiaomi MI5S Plus has 154.6×77.7×7.95mm dimensions, which can be considered as the metal version of Xiaomi MI Note, both of them have 5.7inch and metal design. In addition, Xiaomi MI5S Plus also continues the no MI logo on the front like Xiaomi MI Notebook Air.


Xiaomi mi5s plus


Xiaomi mi5s plus

Xiaomi MI5s Plus earphone jack is placed on the top, the volume button and power button on the right. At the bottom, Xiaomi MI5S Plus is equipped with USB Type C port, the two sides screw and speaker are designed symmetrically. The back dual camera and fingerprint scanner are in the middle.


The back cover of Xiaomi MI5S Plus uses drawing process, and the pink version with matte grinding process.  There is the high gross around the edges, which attract our eyes a lot. As you know, Redmi Pro and Xiaomi MI5S Plus both use drawing process and dual rear camera. Therefore, that’s why we think Xiaomi MI5S plus let us think of Redmi Pro.



Xiaomi MI5S Plus has dual 13MP rear camera, which can record the color and brightness information separately. Two camera can work together to show more details and less noise so that it can keep the rich color of the camera but also the black and white pure image quality.


The interface of the camera is very simple that can be used easily. As for functions, it has panoramic view, sound shutter, beautification and other functions. Let’s look at the samples to prove.


It controls the white balance well, and show the accurate color and clear and natural details. In dark light, the overall image looks pure, controlling the noise well,and processing the glare ideally. In all, Xiaomi MI5S Plus has high-quality image by this dual rear camera.


Earlier before, Xiaomi has shown the teaser about its antutu score up to 164K points. So let’s test if it’s real.


In press conference, we know Xiaomi MI5S Plus is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, coming with RAM 6GB LPDDR4 1866MHz ROM 128GB UFS 2.0 internal storage, and runs MIUI 8 OS to show the Antutu score up to 164K.


According to antutu benchmark test, Xiaomi MI5S plus shows the real score up to 141,824 points, there is much gap to 164K points. Therefore, Antutu software needs to update to test.


Xiaomi MI5S Plus in terms of its design looks a little like Redmi Pro, but according to the hardware, it can be called the flagship right now in MI series. If we enjoy larger screen, better camera, why not have a try this Xiaomi MI5S Plus? Welcome to share more with us.

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