Xiaomi MI5S Plus VS Oneplus 3 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


These days we have compared Xiaomi MI5S Plus with other hot models, such as iPhone 7 Plus, Xiaomi MI5S and witness Xiaomi MI5S Plus high-end performance and amazing features. Today we will compare Xiaomi MI5S Plus with Oneplus 3, both belong to the latest flagship of their own brand.  So let’s check which one can win your heart?

Check Xiaomi MI5S Plus vs Oneplus 3 Specs:




Oneplus 3 Front Design


Xiaomi MI5S Plus Front Design


Oneplus 3 Back Design


Xiaomi MI5S Plus Back Design


Oneplus 3 Bottom


Xiaomi MI5S Plus Top and Bottom


Oneplus 3 SIM Card Slot


Xiaomi MI5S Plus Card Slot

Xiaomi MI5S Plus this time uses metal design with big curved back cover, similar a lot to Xiaomi MI5, it has some popular design such as nano injection, three step design and metal wire drawing processing. Xiaomi MI5S Plus is also different from mi5s,  such as dual rear camera and fingerprint scanner on its back.And MI5S Plus can support Infrared function to control our home appliance and placed on the top of the body. Xiaomi MI5S Plus has symmetrical design at the bottom, one side is the speaker, the other side is MIC, and USB Type C port in the middle. It has 5.7inch 1080P screen, supporting dual Nano SIM card, but not supporting Micro SD card expansion, meanwhile, it can support netcom,dual SIM card, dual standby. However, Oneplus 3 also uses all metal design, nano injection with sleek touch feeling. Under the ‘T’ shape antenna line, it hides the NFC modules. There is a big and outstanding 16MP f/2.0 OIS camera on the back and a LED flash light under the rear camera. Oneplus 3 sports 5.5inch FHD AMOLED screen, a home button with fingerprint scanner under the screen. There is speaker, USB Type C port, microphone, 3.5mm earphone jack at the bottom. We can feel both have made big progress in their design. But Xiaomi MI5S Plus is larger a little. Therefore, it’s up to your interest to choose the phone.


Oneplus 3 Side Design


Xiaomi MI5S Plus side design


Xiaomi MI5S Plus is powered by the latest Snapdragon 821 processor, according to official, it is said it has reached 160K antutu scores, but according to the real test, the antutu score is 150K which is different from the official. But according to 3D mark, it shows the 3D performance is really better than Snapdragon 820. But how is Oneplus 3?  It’s known that Oneplus 3 released half year ago, so it uses the past Snapdragon 820 processor, according to antutu test, it shows 142,114 scores to kill other Snapdragon 820 smartphone, of course, it can also compare with Xiaomi MI5S Plus with Snapdragon 821 processor. They both have RAM 6GB version. So right now you can see Snapdragon 821 and Snapdragon 820 processor don’t have big difference.


Oneplus 3 Antutu Test score


Xiaomi MI5S Plus antutu score


When we compare the camera, it’s worthwhile to praise Xiaomi MI5S Plus has dual 13MP back camera, 4MP front camera, one back camera is colorful lens, the other is black and white lens.Right now dual rear camera have become the tendency for most smartphones such as Iphone 7 plus. Xiaomi MI5S Plus dual camera takes the two photos at the same time, and then combine into one picture to enhance the brightness and reduce the noise. Check the samples below.




However, Oneplus 3 uses Sony IMX298 CMOS 16MP back camera and 8MP front camera, according to the samples, it shows clear image, and accurate white balance, when starting HD mode, the pictures shows in details and it also reveals the attractive color in HDR model. Under the gap of brightness and darkness, the dark part can see clearly and the bright part doesn’t become too exposure. Although Oneplus 3 doesn’t use dual rear camera, but its main camera can still compare dual one. Just check the samples below.





Oneplus 3


Xiaomi MI5S Plus

Xiaomi MI5S Plus is built in 3800mAh non-removable battery, as you know the main feature of MI5S Plus is not the battery, however, Oneplus 3 only has 3,000mAh  non-removable battery. In theory, Xiaomi MI5S Plus will have longer battery life than Oneplus 3. They both can support USB Type C and quick charge function, but Oneplus 3 battery can support 5V/4A Dash quick charge which can charge 60% power in 30 minutes, and it will only take one hour or so to charge from 0 to 100%, which is 1.5 hours faster than Snapdragon QC3.0, so Oneplus 3 should have faster charging speed than Xiaomi MI5S Plus, as for battery life, Oneplus 3 can support at least half day use, Xiaomi MI5S Plus can use for one day in the daily light use. So right now you know which one has longer battery life?

Other Functions

About other features, Xiaomi MI5S Plus runs MIUI 8 OS based on Android6.0 OS, but Oneplus 3 runs Oxygen OS 3.2.4 based on Android6.0 OS, too, both OS become the most popular ones in the world. And they also support NFC, dual sim card, dual standby, 4G LTE, USB Type C ,fingerprint scanner, quick charge etc. But Oneplus 3 has one main advantage in dash charge.


Xiaomi MI5S Plus and Oneplus 3 has some similarity in large screen, amazing camera, practical features, powerful hardware, but they also have some difference in design, quick charge function, price, etc. If you are into a larger screen, dual rear camera, you can try Xiaomi MI5S Plus, but if you are interested in better quick charge, small screen, Oneplus 3 will be your good choice. They are also sell at the similar price around $400 for RAM 6GB version. Are you ready to try which one?

Compare the price from the following stores:

Gearbest:  Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Golden  at $479.99
                  RAM 6GB ROM 128GB Golden at $478.99
 Xiaomi Mi5S Plus 4G Phablet 64GB ROM – DEEP GRAY $110 coupon code: XM5PLOL  at $368.21

Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM Silver at $318.99 (flash sale)     Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $389.99  (flash sale)  

Efox:    Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB at €389.99  XIAOMI MI 5S PLUS 6GB RAM at  €469.99
Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB at  €324.99  Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB at €389.99

Banggood:  Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S 4GB 128GB at 449.89usd
Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at 419.99usd     
MI5S Plus RAM 6GB ROM 128GBat $489.99
Oneplus 3 at $559

Geekbuying:   Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB ROM 64GB at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $467  (flash sale)     

Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Golden  at 339.99usd   MI5S Plus RAM 6GB ROM 128GB at $537
Oneplus 3 at $439.99



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