Xiaomi MI5S VS Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Xiaomi also as one of the best rival of Lenovo starts to expand their business fast. Recently, many users would like to test its Xiaomi MI5S and ZUK Z2 Pro to make comparison. Because they have the same screen size and same selling price. One stands for Snapdragon 821 processor, the other stands for Snapdragon 820. So how large gap between Snapdragon 821 and Snapdragon 820 processor will occur? Let’s compare them part by part.



Xiaomi MI5S has four colors, the grey and golden uses high gross craftsmanship, the silver and rose golden will adopt matte grinding craftsmanship. This time we test the golden version. On the front design, Xiaomi MI5S looks pretty beautiful, because it has quite narrow bezel, 2.5D curved glass and Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under glass with groove design. Meanwhile, it has cancelled the MI Logo under the screen. On the back, it has one back camera, dual tone LED flash, two white antenna lines and a mi logo, which are very simple. You can see the details about its appearance from the following photos.






However, ZUK Z2 Pro also has 5.2inch FHD screen, it is famous for the narrowest black bezel around the world. On the front design, it is also very pure, there is a receiver and a front camera on the screen, but under the screen, there is only one semi-round physical home button which can support fingerprint scanner. On the back, it has a main camera, a LED flash and a ZUK logo. You can also check the details about their design from the real photos.


According to comparison, personally, we like ZUK Z2 Pro design more, because it uses 3D glass on its back which has better holding feel than Xiaomi MI5S, and ZUK Z2 Pro seems more elegant with a high level, so what do you think?


Xiaomi MI5S is powered by the latest Snapdragon 821 Quad core 2.15GHz processor. As you know the standard version of Snapdragon 821 is 2.34GHz big core, 2.19GHz small core. Xiaomi MI5S has reduced the big core frequency to  2.15Ghz which has no difference with Snapdragon 820 processor. But it still has 2.0GHz small core which will be higher than Snapdragon 820 1.59GHz, so the performance will be better, especially running for a longer time. Just check Xiaomi MI5S antutu test.



ZUK Z2 Pro chooses the Snapdragon 820 processor which is the highest one several month ago. It has adopted the latest 14nm FinFET architecture to support the highest single core to 2.2Ghz speed processing. And we test this RAM 6GB ROM 128GB, there is no stuck problem. Under the default circumstance,it has 4.6GB RAM left, and 111GB ROM left.





According to Antutu test, Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB Snapdragon 821 smartphone got 153K points, but Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro only has 135K points which can still compare with Xiaomi MI5S, it makes us surprised that ZUK Z2 Pro has higher single core and multi-core scores than MI5S. It proves ZUK Z2 Pro has no big gap to compare with Xiaomi MI5S. They both can play large games fluently.


Xiaomi MI5S is famous for the back 12MP camera which is the first one to use Sony IMX378 sensor. It has 1.55um, F2.0 big aperture, supporting PDAF. And it can also shoot 4K video, it’s pity that the front camera only 4MP which has common specs. Let’s check the samples to prove its quality.






Xiaomi MI5S Sample


However, ZUK Z2 Pro has also claimed that it has decent camera which will never let you down by its CEO. This time ZUK Z2 Pro uses back 13MP and Front 8MP camera and its back camera from Samsung, it has 1.34um, F1.8 aperture, two axis OIS, EIS, HDR, the front camera has 1.4 um, F.0 aperture with auto beautification. Meanwhile, Snapdragon 820 processor will be the first equipped with 14bit Qualcomm Spectra ISP unit to improve its photographing ability. It back camera also can support 4K video recording, and the front camera can support 1080p video recording. Let’s check the samples of ZUK Z2 Pro as follows.


Therefore, according to rear camera, they are even, but in terms of front camera, ZUK Z2 Pro can win completely.


In terms of battery, Xiaomi MI5S has 3200mAh battery, which is not very big. As you know, Lei Jun has emphasized the battery life in press conference. Meanwhile, it supports USB Type C and Quick Charge 3.0, 5V/2A、9V/2A、12V/1.5A output, and 18W power rate. According to test, it takes almost 85 minutes to charge full, and it can support at least 5 hours using continuously.


However, ZUK Z2 Pro comes with 3100mAh battery, it can supports 8 hours battery life and 2 hours charging full according to Geekbench 3. Therefore, ZUK Z2 Pro battery life can compete with Xiaomi MI5S. Because it also supports QC3.0 and USB Type C port.


Anyway, they have similar battery,the battery life and charging time will be up to exact environment about how to use.

Other Features


Xiaomi MI5S this time has used Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under glass and 3D Touch which Xiaomi MI5S Plus doesn’t have. It runs MIUI 8 OS based on Android6.0 OS. But ZUK Z2 Pro is the first phone to support Heart rate blood oxygen and UV detection flagship. It runs ZUI 2.0 OS also based on Android 6.0 OS. They have their own main features that customers like.



Although Xiaomi MI5S and ZUK Z2 Pro has different processor, according to real test, they have no large gap in hardware, however, in design and camera, ZUK Z2 Pro can win over Xiaomi MI5S. Therefore, we still think ZUK Z2 Pro is more beautiful, especially back design. Just share more with us.

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  1. Nice review, but I don’t think Lenovo’s flagship comes even close in design with Mi5s.
    Mi5s is light years ahead in both design and functionality.

  2. Zuk Z2 Pro looks very simple, but is not an ordinary one. It has Super AMOLED, OIS+EIS, 10 professional sensors, ISOCELL Camera, support LTE Bands 2/4/20 (Mi5s do not!!!).

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