Xiaomi MI5S VS Meizu Pro 6 Plus Camera Review


In 2016, Meizu and Xiaomi have released a lot of new products to make us surprise continuously, the Meizu Pro 6 Plus with Snapdragon 8890 processor, and Xiaomi MI5S aiming at photographing which enable us excited.If you want to know their camera performance, right now you can read the review about their camera comparison. They both use 12MP rear camera, which one is better?

Exposure/White Balance/Color Performance

Under the good light and dark light, we found Meizu Pro 6 plus has higher exposure than Xiaomi MI5S a little. From the photo samples below from up to down to show daylight, morning and night, we also discover Xiaomi MI5S picture is a little darker than Meizu Pro 6 Plus,

In most scene,Xiaomi MI5S exposed a little darker.

In order to exclude human effect, in exposure, both launch camera APP and then auto focus, press the shutter, if changing focusing point by manual, both will re-measure the light according to focus point.

In the day, Meizu Pro 6 Plus seems to be warmer.

In white balance, two smartphone has different style, under the enough daylight, Meizu Pro 6 Plus color looks warmer, Xiaomi MI5S colder,this kind of difference can be detected in grey and white wall, the color and warm color performance can’t tell which one is good or not.

Xiaomi MI5S Dark Light tends to green

In white balance, Xiaomi MI5S has shortcoming in taking photos at night, it shows that under the dark light, the white and grey objects will tend to be green, although it doesn’t happen all the time, this kind of issue will affect the photo quality.

In color performance, they have no big difference in auto mode, some photos shows Xiaomi MI5S has higher contrast, but it is not common.


In analysis, under the daylight scene, the details of Meizu Pro 6 Plus after zooming is weaker than that of Xiaomi MI5S. Meanwhile, we can find Meizu Pro 6 Plus makes the different not so large by sharpness, but this sharpness makes Meizu Pro 6 Plus takes bigger advantage in dim light although the noise looks a little obvious but the details of objects looks more clear.

In this scene, Xiaomi MI5S has stronger analysis.

In this scene, two smartphones doesn’t have big difference in analysis.

In macro distance, Meizu Pro 6 Plus is a little stronger.

In dim light, Meizu Pro 6 Plus with more obvious noise has more clear details.

In this scene, they have similar details.

In Anti-glare aspect of the lens,Meizu Pro 6 Plus does better, under top light of the same angle, Xiaomi MI5S shows the other shadow light, in addition, in the center of pictures, we can hardly find the difference around the edge analysis.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus performs better to resist the glare.

At last, they have almost same focus performance in the daylight, changing the focus point both have temporary shaking issue. At night, Xiaomi MI5S focus performance is faster, but the minor gap can’t show the difference in experience.


Two smartphones both have nice performance in photographing, but we can’t tell which can win, in image style,Meizu Pro 6 Plus has higher brightness and warmer color, while Xiaomi MI5S exposed with cold color. In addition, Xiaomi MI5S tends to be green in sample sometimes.

They both have no bid gap in analysis under the daylight, Xiaomi MI5S performs a little better in the day, but Meizu Pro 6 Plus can show the obvious advantage in dim light at night.There are two reasons, one is that Meizu Pro 6 Plus has sharpness in images, the other is that Meizu Pro 6 Plus has slower shutter speed. According to this comparison, we tend to choosing Meizu Pro 6 Plus more, so which one do you think better?



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