Xiaomi MI5X VS Huawei Nova 2 Hands on Review, Which one is Better


Recently Xiaomi MI 5X is quite hot, and it looks like Huawei Nova 2, so today we will compare Xiaomi MI5X with Huawei Nova 2. Let’s know which one will be your ideal smartphone?

First Huawei Nova 2 is the phone released on May 26, 2017, which aims at entertainment and fashion. It sells at 2,499 yuan, $400, and Huawei Nova 2 Plus at 2,899 yuan,$483. But Xiaomi MI5X was released on July 26, aiming at photographing, selling at 1,499 yuan, $250.

Huawei Nova 2 and Xiaomi MI5X are both metal body, the latter one has three colors, matte black, rose golden, and golden. And Huawei Nova 2 has black, golden, rose golden, blue, and green color, they both have fingerprint scanner on the back.

They both use USB Type C port, Xiaomi MI5X is built in 3080mAh battery, while Huawei Nova 2 has 2,950mAh battery, but MI5X doesn’t support quick charge,  Huawei nova 2 supports 18W quick charge. They are similar at the bottom.

They both adopt dual rear camera, Huawei Nova 2 has 12MP+8MP dual rear camera, but Xiaomi MI5X has 12MP dual rear camera, according to our previous review, Huawei Nova 2 photo sample has a little strong daub feeling on the edge, but MI 5X samples look more natural and soft.

On the top, Huawei Nova 2 only has one microphone, but MI 5X has infrared remote control function, in this feature, Xiaomi MI5X is better than Huawei Nova 2.

The reason why Huawei Nova 2 can’t win over Xiaomi MI5X is the price competition, they have similar design, but Xiaomi MI 5X is much cheaper than Huawei nova 2. So which one will you choose?

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