Xiaomi Mi6, Mi MIX 2, Mi Note 3 Will Upgrade Android P in The Future


On the evening of February 20th, Zhang Guoquan , head of the Xiaomi System Software Department, answerGuoquan, questions about Xiaomi Mi6.

Zhang Guoquan said that I heard the voice of everyone wanting Xiaomi Mi6 Android P, very understanding and support, I came to pull through the various departments to start doing. At the same time, by selling Xiaomi Mi9 big, the engineers fight, and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and Xiaomi Note 3 Android P are upgraded together.

In addition, Zhang Guoquan also answered the other parts of Xiaomi Mi6’s needs, as follows:

  • 1, Ask for fast charging on the Mi6, this hardware limitation, really can’t decide
  • 2, Requires the H6 camera to support the HAL3 camera at the same time, this workload is too large, there is really no energy to engage in
  • 3, Ask the Mi6 to upgrade the GPU driver understanding, do!
  • 4, Ask for the PT partition on the Mi6 to re-partition, really can’t decide
  • 5, Ask for the Mi6 added super night scene, this is really no energy to engage
  • 6, Ask the Mi6 on the Game Turbo understand, do!
  • 7, The requirement for the color screen on the meter 6 to display the meter 6 is the LCD, this can not be done

8, the full-screen gesture on the Xiaomi Mi6 was despised by the product manager, support the physical button to be full screen too different, no matter, if you really want, you can do a hidden function for everyone to try, the development version of pure trial, into stability The version requirements are too strict, really can’t decide the product manager.

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