Xiaomi MI6 More Details Unveil with 2K Screen


Previously Li Wanqiang as Xiaomi co-founder once said in March Xiaomi will release an amazing product, it should be Xiaomi MI6 without any other problems. Right now there are more and more news about Xiaomi MI6, according to a netizen, @Reviewer_XiaoKang, most part of Xiaomi MI6 specs have been unveiled.

It’s said that Xiaomi MI6 will have standard version and advanced version. Xiaomi MI6 standard version will have FHD screen, coming with RAM 4GB ROM 32GB internal storage, the Xiaomi MI6 advanced version will have WQHD screen, equipped with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage.

In camera, Xiaomi MI6 will use 8MP front camera with IMX268 sensor same as that of MI Note 2, 12MP back camera with IMX386 sensor. In addition, it is said that Xiaomi MI6 will be released in April. Right now there are some other specs to be unveiled by its official, especially the processor, will it us Snapdragon 835 processor or Pinecone V970 ? Stay tuned.

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