Xiaomi MI6 Stable Version MIUI Update Adds NFC-SIM Support


NFC has become the standard specs of current flagship smartphones, which is very convenient to use in different places. Xiaomi MI6 as the latest flagship smartphone, it is preinstalled MIUI stable version for those produced in April and May. This version can support NFC-SIM function, but from MIUI, the entrance has been blocked. It is good news that after beta version, developer version, MIUI can also support NFC-SIM card, which can use as a bus card. You need to know that same as previous stable version, developer version, its official doesn’t record NFC-SIM function to the update changelog. In addition, the beta test in the image is the stable version preview test, after updating and re-switching, it will be the stable version, so you will get the stable version notification.

Adopt NFC-SIM function:
Put NFC-SIM card to SIM 1, enter into settings→wallet in default→SIM card wallet, re-switch on phone, swipe the card by NFC.

1.Parts of districts have its local carrier App, just require more from your local carrier.
2.Parts of districts can charge SIM bus card directly.
3.Once all SIM-NFC bus card is activated, even the wallet, bus app have been deleted, it will not affect to use the bus card function.
4. It can use bus card function even under locked screen, switch-off, power-off state.
5. SIM wallet balance will be the bus card balance, nothing to do with your bills of phone call, even your phone number is useless, it will not affect bus card function.

You can download Xiaomi MI6 MIUI Stable version here.



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