Xiaomi MI6 Two Versions Unveiled at least 2,499 yuan, $400


Recently, there is much news about Xiaomi MI6, and we have also unveiled its antutu scores over 200,000 points to prove Xiaomi MI6 will be new flagship this year. As for its specs, Xiaomi MI6 will first use Snapdragon 835 processor globally.

It’s said that Xiaomi MI6 will start to produce, and it will not only use the most advanced Snapdragon processor, but also in audio, Xiaomi MI6 will make breakthrough, it reports that Xiaomi has made agreement with Dolby company to bring much better sound effect, which will not be worse than Vivo music smartphone. And Snapdragon 835 will be the flagship processor of 2017, so the performance will be not bad.

Right now we got the latest news is that Xiaomi MI 6 will not only use Snapdragon 835 processor, but it will offer two versions, mi6 flat version at 2,499 yuan, $400 and mi6 dual curved version at 2,999 yuan, $500. Xiaomi MI6 dual curved version will upgrade to use OLED curved screen same as MI Note 2, and it will adopt ceram body instead of glass body. Due to cost of material increasing, Xiaomi MI6 will sell at least 2,499 yuan, $400, so if it’s real, Xiaomi MI6 will be the more attractive smartphone than any one. After Chinese new year passed, we believe there will be news about Xiaomi MI6 confirmed according to Xiaomi practice.


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