Xiaomi MI6 VS Iphone 7 Plus Camera Review


It is known that a camera consists of pixels, sensors, lens and aperture. Xiaomi MI6 and iPhone 7 both adopt Sony camera sensor. But Apple uses customized version, Xiaomi MI6 with IMX386 sensor. Under the no big difference in pixels, lens, and aperture, Xiaomi MI6 uses four axis OIS (Optical image stabilization).  Under the dynamic environment, the stabilization is not strong.

Under the strong enough outdoor sunshine, two smartphones show very excellent image details, but Xiaomi MI6 color looks more vivid and attractive. Iphone 7 Plus has more real sense.

After enlarging them, Xiaomi mi6 has better clarity obviously. In may sets of comparison, it happens to the same situation. And Xiaomi MI6 analysis is stronger than that of iPhone 7 Plus, which is the advantage of IMX386 clarity. But in details processing, it is not as strong as Apple.

Xiaomi MI6 photographing style looks like adjustment of Samsung Galaxy S, the overall image brings us a bright sense. The contrast and brilliance are higher, especially the green color in the image, the overall brightness is highest, which can be more attractive.

In general, iphone 7 looks more real, Xiaomi MI6 looks brighter. If you are the professional photographers, iPhone 7 will be more suitable for you. Because iPhone 7 deals with the details better than Xiaomi MI6. But Xiaomi MI6 brings more vivid color for users which will also enhance your skin brightness. In all, Xiaomi MI6 camera is good. It’s worthwhile to have a try.

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