Xiaomi MI6 VS IPhone 7 Plus Dual Rear Camera Review


Dual rear camera has become the necessary feature for those flagship smartphones, right now the most powerful dual rear camera phone should be iPhone 7 Plus, and in China, there are also some flagships like Xiaomi MI6, Huawei P10 and Huawei Honor V9, etc. So today we will compare the latest Xiaomi MI6 smartphone and iPhone 7 Plus smartphone camera to know which has better night photo samples.

Under the night dim light environment, Xiaomi MI6 and Iphone 7 Plus have similar level, under the average light, both can restore objects’ color, and they also have got similar brightness level, after enlarging 100%, we can see Xiaomi MI6 needs to be optimized in some places under the night photographing.

Compared with iphone 7 plus sample, Xiaomi MI6 losts details seriously, we can’t see the gap on the building clearly, and in some dark details, it looks not so clear. The overall image darkness and brightness are not good as that of iPhone 7 Plus.

After launching 2X optical focusing, Xiaomi MI6 has been affected at the speed of choosing the scene, so the image quality is easy to show shaking status. After 100% enlarging, Xiaomi MI6 has been affected a lot by light, but the image is quite clear and clean.

Under the other night scene, Xiaomi MI6 and iPhone 7 Plus have similar level, but in some dark details, mi6 has not dealt with it well, but in general, MI6 performs well to show the sharp fonts edge.

Under this scene, Xiaomi MI6 image purity is higher than iPhone 7 Plus, in light control, we can feel it is better than iPhone 7 Plus, especially enlarging 100%.

Under the strong roadlight, iPhone 7 Plus sample looks purple color, Xiaomi MI6 sample looks real, after enlarging 100%, their fonts look very sharp, but in back scene, Xiaomi MI6 has better effect, iPhone 7 Plus sample is affected by light to have color partial.

Therefore, under same roadlight, Xiaomi MI6 sample is more attractive, which has higher purity, although in some dark part details, it is not as good as iPhone 7 plus, about light control performance, Xiaomi MI6 can win.

Under the last dim light environment, Xiaomi MI6 is not as good as iPhone 7 Plus. Xiaomi MI6 is not as rich as IPhone 7 Plus in image, after zooming, iPhone 7 Plus takes photos about distant building well, Xiaomi MI6 is hard to tell close dark details.


In general, under the normal night state, Xiaomi MI6 overall performance is over its previous generation, whether the final effect or photographing experience, Xiaomi MI6 has no big difference from iphone 7 Plus, even in some conditions, it is better than Iphone 7 Plus.

If in the near future, Xiaomi MI6 can optimize its algorithm, we believe Xiaomi MI6 photographing experience can be improved further. Currently, Xiaomi MI6 starts to sell from Gearbest, you can use coupon code: GB9% to save money before purchasing.

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