Xiaomi MI6 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge VS Iphone 7 Screen Eye Protection


According to recent data, 48.3% of users like to use smartphones at 0:00 midnight, there are many smartphones to support eye protection mode,but the brightness at night is quite dazzling, and the screen image looks very yellow, which is not suitable. When Xiaomi released Xiaomi MI6, it has emphasized that Xiaomi MI6 screen has been approved by Chinese eye engineering center certification, and optimized according to night use.

In fact, 1nit ultra dark night screen, the screen minimum brightness will decrease 78%, when you use it under dim light, it will not feel dazzling, and the yellow light is not too much, keeping the screen real color. If it’s true, Xiaomi MI6 screen has brought big benefits for a lot of users, so how is real effect?

There is a netizen in Xiaomi community has compared Xiaomi MI6 with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7, the effect is outstanding.

After launching eye protection mode, iPhone 7 tends to be yellow obviously, but Samsung Galaxy S7E tends to grey or dark, but Xiaomi MI6 color rendition looks more excellent, removing the blue light, the color temperature also seems to reduce, looking more natural.


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