Xiaomi MI6 VS Vivo XPlay 6 VS Oneplus 3T Battery Life Review


In smartphone market, high performance and long battery life are the main advantages for those flagship smartphones, in order to pursue performance and light design, manufacturers will make sacrifice for battery life. In 2017, will this kind of issue change? In order to see the answer, we will introduce the 3 hot Chinese flagships, they are VIVO XPlay 6, Oneplus 3T and Xiaomi MI6, let’s know which one has longest battery life. See their specs below.

VIVO Xplay 6

Oneplus 3T

Xiaomi MI6

Xiaomi MI6 VS Oneplus 3T VS Vivo Xplay 6 Specs

Quick charge test

Before battery test, we need to charge them full first, they all have quick charge technology, but different brands have different solution on quick charge. Let’s see their quick charge solution below.

We can see in three smarphones, only Oneplus 3T uses low voltage quick charge solution. But 20W charging power rate is also the biggest one, VIVO Xplay 6 and Xiaomi MI6 are similar to use high voltage quick charge, 18W power rate.

After test, although they are different in quick charge solution, battery capacity, they finish charging in 100 minutes. In terms of absolute charging speed, VIVO Play 6 is the fastest, after all it has the biggest 4,000mAh battery. But in the first 30 minutes, Oneplus 3T has fastest charging speed and then it is Xiaomi MI6. But this two phones charging speed becomes slower obviously. VIVO XPlay 6 has charging speed in average.

Vivo Xplay 6, the highest Charging temperature is up to 34..0 degrees.

Oneplus 3T, the highest Charging temperature is up to 38..1 degrees.

Xiaomi MI6, the highest Charging temperature is up to 33 degrees.

Besides charging speed, the heat issue is an important question when charging, according to laser tester, oneplus 3T with low voltage quick charge has advantage, but VIVO XPlay 6 and Xiaomi MI6 with high voltage quick charge will have higher temperature.

Battery Life Test

When battery charges full, we will start battery life. Before testing, in order to keep fair test, we set up three smartphones at same brightness, turning off the mute, Bluetooth, GPS, turning on Wifi, no SIM card, and then start to test them.

Playing videos has no high need for CPU, the screen is the one to consume big power, so we can see that it adopts low AMOLED screen resolution of Oneplus 3T will have more advantages, and then the second one is to use 2K AMOLED screen of VIVO Xplay 6, but Xiaomi MI6 with LCD screen will not perform better.

Different from playing videos, single game will give pressure on CPU and GPU, so the power consumption of chipset has become the main factor of battery consumption. It is obvious that Xiaomi MI6 with Snapdragon 835 processor has owned the advantage, compared with other two phones, MI6 will save more power. VIVO XPlay 6 and Oneplus 3T uses Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 821 process separately. This two chipsets only are different in frequency, but same in cortex. Oneplus 3T with higher frequency will have higher power consumption.

Some daily operation such as playing music, taking videos, search the Weibo, etc only consumes less system resource and performance. Their power consumption amount depends on their overall hardware optimization and power management. In this three smartphones, VIVO XPlay 6 and Xiaomi MI6 have made well in battery consumption control, compared with them, Oneplus 3T seems to consume more power, especially in video taking.

In all, after four hours using, VIVO Xplay 6 battery life is longest, only consuming 45% power, then it’s Xiaomi MI6 that consumes 46%, the last one is Oneplus 3T to consume 55% power.

In 8 hours standby power consumption, Xplay6(2%), Oneplus 3T(3%), Xiaomi MI6(1%)

Besides common battery life test, we have operated them in daily use, under the situation of clearing up apps running at the background, keeping Weichat, locking 8 hours, they don’t almost consume power under screen off, they all have good performance. If we want to know who is best, Xiaomi MI6 only consumes 1% power under standby, which is the most excellent in three.


After the test, we are most impressive by VIVO XPlay 6, it can be built in big 4,000mAh battery in its ultra-thin curved screen smartphone, and it has good battery life and charging speed, which can make VIVO XPlay 6 become the flagship in performance, voice effect, even in quick charge and battery life.

But Oneplus 3T is different from other two phones, we can see it has made optimization in games,so it is not ideal in battery life, thanks to Dash charge of Oneplus 3T, it can charge very fast.

Xiaomi MI6 in game consumption performance is the best, so is other performances, as the smallest battery in three smartphones, Xiaomi MI6 has brought us good battery life, but its quick charge ability seems a little conservative. We hope Xiaomi will bring more powerful quick charge technology.


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