Xiaomi MI6 VS Xiaomi MI5S Camera Review


Currently, dual rear camera has become the standard specs for those flagship smartphone, just now, Xiaomi MI6 has been released with dual rear camera, in terms of Xiaomi previous models, Xiaomi MI5S is most powerful in camera, let’s see which one is more powerful in camera between Xiaomi MI6 and Xiaomi MI5S?

Xiaomi MI5S adopts a Sony IMX378 sensor, which enjoys highest scores in DxO, same as Google Pixels. Thanks to this sensor, Xiaomi MI5S has become the top smartphone in terms of its camera.

Right now this Xiaomi MI6 chooses Sony IMX386 sensor, 1.25μm pixels, although it is not small, compared with Xiaomi MI5S with 1.55μm, it is small.In general, the larger pixels mean the better light ability from its sensor. So let’s see how is the performance between Xiaomi MI6 and Xiaomi MI5S.

Photograph at the distant distance

In distant photographing, two smartphones have similar image quality. If we enlarge, we can see Xiaomi MI5S keeps the details of the scene better. Xiaomi MI6 seems a little blurring.

But Xiaomi MI6 deals with the green color better, the trees distantly are more green, which is the overall feature of Xiaomi MI6 adjustment in color, you will see comparison soon, in general, Xiaomi MI5S is better than MI6 a little.

Zoom Shot

In distant distance, Xiaomi MI6 has its own powerful function, Zoom shot, its long focus and wide viewing angle dual rear camera can achieve twice optical zoom shot, the former sample is Xiaomi MI6, the latter is Xiaomi MI5S. Adopting this function can enhance the photographing ability largely, the sample between Xiaomi MI6 and Xiaomi MI5S under twice zoom shot,Xiaomi MI6 has obvious advantage.

But we need to know that Xiaomi MI6 long focus lens doesn’t support OIS, so when using it, just be careful of shaking issue.

Micro Distance Samples

Using two smartphones to take photos in micro distance, they both perform well. Although Xiaomi MI6 has larger aperture, in fact, in image taking, they have similar depth of field effect. But we need to know Xiaomi MI6 is better in color rendering than Xiaomi MI5S.

Human Mode

Xiaomi MI6 supports human image mode, under human mode, the camera will switch long focus automatically, so the scene will be near, combined algorithm optimization of virtual aperture, it can boost the theme, and  show the virtual background, From the first photo, the virtual background of Xiaomi MI6 is good, and it deals with the edge well.

Under the complicated scene, the Smear sense will show, any way, under the human mode, Xiaomi MI6 is quite excellent. Namely, when using the virtual background, we need to pay attention to the real application.

Indoor samples

In indoor light, Xiaomi MI5S samples are a little better than that of MI6, whether in noise control or brightness. But they have small gap.

Night samples

In night samples, the bigger pixels of Xiaomi MI5S has better advantages, Both improve the night image brightness by enhancing the exposure, but xiaomi mi5s has better light-in advantage, so the noise is less, and the tone is more accurate.


According to comparison, Xiaomi MI6 dual rear camera are quite excellent, Xiaomi MI5S camera has its own advantage, in general, Xiaomi MI6 photographing with dual rear camera has no big advantages compared with MI5S with single camera. But the dual rear camera has brought more entertainment for photographing, such as human mode, twice optical zoom shot, And xiaomi mi6 dual rear camera has also solved the problems of mi5s, such as OIS issue. Anyway, we believe more and more smartphones will use dual rear camera, Xiaomi MI6 will lead the trend again.

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  1. There is no zoom in the lens in the Xiaomi Mi 6. It is just the second camera has a longer focal length compared to what the primary camera has. So, when a user switches between the two cameras, the effect is that of the zoom. This is similar to how Apple implements the feature in the iPhone 7 Plus. This is also why Xiaomi calls the second camera a telephoto lens.

  2. Beware that in Mi 6, the real x2 mode is only active when you use the “Manual” mode and choose “Telephoto lens”. In classic mode, if you tap on “x2” icon, it doesn’t use the second camera. The proof: put your finger in front of the second camera and tap on “x2”, you will continue to see the image.

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